Remote PR-manager wanted

If you read this, it means we both love Anoeses brand, are crazy about its aesthetics, and admire sexuality in various forms. Now we need to know, can we be a perfect match at work?

Our team is looking for a person who can increase brand awareness in the USA and European markets. Who is a dom and can choose a suitable work model with media. Who, by his/her nature, always searches for new opportunities. For us, it means finding niche publications on sex topics and fashion, understanding what is relevant for us.

Ok, now we can go to the next scene. What do we want to see in you?

- experience in PR from 1 year (will be a bonus, if you've worked in our field)
- interest in sex topics
- presence of thematic contacts (stylists, editors-in-chief, etc.)
- fluent English
- high communicational skills
- willingness to plunge into our TOV and independently conduct our PR direction

From our side, we provide an atmosphere of support and personal growth.
The free work schedule gives you a chance of your sexperimentations. Also, we offer unique content and high-quality products, so you get a total pleasure to work with it.

If you see yourself in it, swipe right in imagination and send your CV and desired salary to

And wait for us to respond to you.

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