Blue leather cuffs from our collection offer you multiple bondage possibilities. Soft premium-quality Italian leather provides comfort and conformity, and the nickel-plated buckles let you lock them up tight without marks or irritations on your submissive's skin. With Anoeses leather cuffs, will put your partner in the right mood for play. 

Each of our leather cuffs is equipped with D-rings that can be used with ropes, chains, and other bindings for the ultimate fulfillment of your kinky fantasies. The cuffs are designed for extended periods of wear, so you will not feel any discomfort losing yourself in hours of excitement and pleasure.

The extraordinary blue color of leather cuffs will bring a touch of freshness to your bedroom and become an exciting color drop among your other traditional black and red BDSM accessories. Anoeses cuffs are available in different colors, so you can choose the one that fits your fantasies best. Whether it will be sensitive pink or aggressive red depends on your fetishes. 

All Anoeses goods are made of genuine Italian leather, which undergoes periodic verification of compliance with the product regulations by ICE.C. We provide our customers with a one-year guarantee and will replace or repair your product if needed.