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Are there any BDSM garments that are sexier than a collar and a leash? They really say everything there’s to say about power exchange, dominance, and submission. Collars and leashes can be excellent symbols that signify the wearer’s slave or submissive status, or you can simply wear them as part of your restraint set without assigning any special meaning to these accessories. Anoeses strives to empower people to explore their sexualities while feeling more luxurious than ever. 

The garments on this page are crafted from premium-quality corrected grain leather, which is well-known for being extremely soft and silky smooth. But even though these collars and leashes will feel smooth against your skin, they will also last a lifetime, as we use only extremely durable Italian materials. To help you feel certain about the quality of our garments and accessories, we offer a 1-year warranty on all products. The leather used for our accessories is carefully polished and dyed using mineral tanning techniques to reveal a flawless, silky soft material that teases your imagination with its vibrant and rich colors. 

No matter what style, color, or type of leashes and collars you prefer, Anoeses has you covered. Our selection includes leashes made entirely from leather and accessories crafted from a combination of leather and nickel-plated chains. We also offer restraint collars that can be used alone or as part of a set in the bedroom, as well as casual collars that you can wear to a party or another event. Finally, our selection includes male collars, which can help a male submissive embrace his masculinity in a new and exciting way. 

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