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Hand & Ankle cuffs "Dita" Light Blue
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If you’re into erotic bondage, there’s probably nothing you find sexier than seeing your partner tied up or being tied up yourself. And it’s virtually impossible to imagine a set of restraints that doesn’t include handcuffs or ankle cuffs. On this page, you will find premium-quality cuffs for hands, ankles, and thighs crafted from soft Italian leather and suede by Anoeses. We also use reliable nickel-plated hardware to ensure that our cuffs don’t pinch or scratch the skin when you wear them. Our designers also carefully select the ideal suede lining for the cuffs to ensure that they don’t chafe or otherwise injure the skin when you wear them. 

Anoeses wants to provide all its customers with the best erotic restraint accessories possible. So in addition to using premium-quality leather and hardware in our accessories, we also provide a 12-month warranty on all products. When you purchase BDSM cuffs from Anoeses, you can be 100% certain about their quality and durability. 

While you can purchase our thigh, wrist, and ankle cuffs separately, we suggest using them together with other cuffs, collars, bondage belts, and other restraints. This will allow you to get the best erotic experience, as you will be able to switch up positions and fixation patterns, so, you will never get bored. 

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