Anoeses brand is famous for its boldness to provoke. All our accessories and lingerie rethink fetish erotica in an elegant way. It's what constantly challenges us to find new materials and design ideas. Latex – the logical continuation of Anoeses's story.

Skin-tight and glossy latex in a fetish world is associated with transformative material that can influence your identity. It's like putting a second human skin that embraces the body and allows you to access your rebellious side. Time must slow, and you can feel like you're becoming another version of yourself - super powerful. Not for nothing, Catwoman wore a latex suit that permitted her to act differently.

Because of its hypervisibility, some might consider latex to be too hardcore or worn only by celebrities. However, we see this feature not as an obstacle but as something we can celebrate, encouraging people to define their own sexiness. It's more like Anoeses spirit.

Latex is about actions you can make wearing it, and not about sexual objectification. It's sensual, has a unique wetlook, smell, taste, sound, and everything acts as a stimulus. Items from this material cling to the body, don't slip on or off, and tastefully exaggerate curves. Other things that we find fascinating about latex – it intensifies the touch and makes your body supersensitive to temperature. Being caressed while wearing a bra or panties from latex is mind-blowing, and as things are heating up, so are you!

Latex in Anoeses's collection manifests that life is your party – you can do what you want to, and your body is your house - you can love the way you want to. Always rebellious but never disgraceful.

Also, for those who are just getting acquainted with latex, we'll have a basic but still kinky line of lingerie. These sets are easy to put on and use in your everyday life. If it is something your unique sexuality strives for, then try it and immerse in sensations!