NKD — a new Anoeses collection is dedicated to everyone who wants to be authentic, free and finds inspiration on the edge of their comfort zone.

Authenticity means that our actions are in line with our beliefs. It softens, blurs and eliminates the itchy feeling 'to fit in'. When we are authentic, we belong to ourselves.

Authenticity, nakedness, and action

In our first collection, we embody the transparency of beliefs and the visibility of actions. To do so, we use close-to-body materials, like mesh and latex, that highlight nakedness and vivid red - the color that stimulates people to act.

In the design of our garments, we combine bindings, smooth lines, and sharp edges. Altogether, they accentuate the symmetry of the female and male bodies. We want people to feel secure and, at the same time, unique and desirable while being naked in Anoeses.

We left our comfort zone and became visible to the entire world, and it all happened at home.

Anoeses Team was working on this collection during the war in Ukraine. Unpredictably, we were put out of our houses, and we have found another sense of home. This home is wide and accepts uncovered feelings. 

This world accepts our naked authenticity.