X-Set "Dita" Burgundy Patent
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Do you want to spice up your sex life and enjoy a sensation of opulence and luxury in the bedroom? Then take a look at our collection of restraint sets and accessories crafted from soft Italian leather. 

The accessories in this section of our website are crafted from soft, smooth leather, which is also often called corrected grain leather. When this leather is created, its surface is carefully buffed out to remove all the lines and reveal a silky smooth, flawless surface. If you want the restraints to feel creamy and soft on your body, this type of leather is the perfect material to pick. 

Another feature of soft leather is that it’s easier to stain, so accessories made from soft leather come in a wider variety of colors. As all our leather is crafted in Italy, and master craftsmen who create the material use mineral tanning techniques to dye the leather into a wide range of vibrant colors. When you purchase bondage accessories from Anoeses, you can be certain that the garment will maintain its color,  structural integrity, and pristine condition for many years to come. 

No matter what bondage accessories or garments you are looking for, you will be pleasantly surprised by the Anoeses selection. For instance, if you want to purchase a piece crafted from soft Italian leather, you can choose from our selection of belts, cuffs, collars, leashes, masks, blindfolds, gags, or entire sets of restraint accessories. 

Our products are a combination of premium-quality leather and hardware and skilled craftsmanship with unparalleled attention to detail. To help you be sure about the quality of our products, we provide a 1-year warranty on all garments and accessories. Enjoy starting a new and exciting chapter in your sex life with Anoeses!

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