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Hand & Ankle cuffs "Ora" Violet
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Discover the freedom to feel your senses come alive while being restrained with the high-end leather cuffs. Anoeses offer products that perfectly suit the deepest intimate desires of both submissive and dominants who want total control over their slaves. Our luxurious violet leather cuffs offer maximum restraint and soft, lush comfort. The cuffs are made of superior Italian leather, soft to the skin yet durable, and provide rigid fixation during playtime. Anoeses cuffs are equipped with high-quality gold or silver nickel-plated hardware that will shine mysteriously during your kinky play in the bedroom and leave no marks or irritations on your skin. 

The violet color of our leather cuffs looks luxuriously and extraordinary, allowing you to try something new and step back from the usual red and black BDSM accessories color palette. Anoeses cuffs are also available in other colours, so you can easily find the design that fits you best.

We provide a 12-month warranty for our leather cuffs and worldwide delivery. All the products you order are carefully packaged in a luxurious matte black box, providing you with the pleasure of owning Anoeses accessories even before you put the garment or accessory on.