Meet our new drop BDW.1! It is dedicated to all who want to satisfy skin hunger and want to have a badass outfit to make people pay attention to you. BDW.1 includes unbelievably neat designs of dresses, bodysuits, and lingerie sets. All of them describe the idea of the perfection of a silhouette and how the streaming lines can highlight it.

Now, let's take a closer look at them!

Set Sybil
The set consists of a maxi dress and the first ever designed by Anoeses lingerie set. These pieces certainly express boudoir refinement, but if you dare, wear them to some non-prejudice party.

Body set Viv
It drives crazy everyone who sees it. Its secret is very simple. Take a well-known combination of gloves, stockings, and a bodysuit. Add lines that create a diamond figure, and here you are. Dressed for a sake of temptation.

Bodysuit Electra
The garment strikes three times: elegance, feminity, and allure. Its design is something in between of a harness because of the straps and collar, and classic boudoir lingerie. At the same time, the bodysuit is not over a line of vulgarity, so all these features make Electra a great choice for intimate and burning events.

Bodysuit Nox
By igniting the night while wearing the bodysuit, you generate sexiness for your day. This fashion item can be your entry point for what you like and don't in an intimate setting. Just put it on, and wait for your senses to awaken.

Dress Dea
An absolutely stunning choice for a special event or celebration. Dress Dea adorns and envelopes every curve of the body. The decorative lines stream down and repeat a silhouette. It will definitely suit any figure!

Bodysuit Serena
This garment covers whole your body in mesh fabric, bringing a feeling of shivering joy. Just like every piece from BDW.1, the bodysuit has decorative lines that highlight the silhouette and gives a self-esteem booster shot.

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