Just in time for Halloween, we have released a NEW latex drop consisting of 3 spectacular designs. They will get directly to your sense of style and outfits inspired by fetish core trends.

Ever since we all got out of 4 walls of our homes, we got thirsty for some vision of freedom. And latex is just something that represents this strong will. Glossy garments cling to your body and make ‘free’ moves not so free. But hey, it’s for the spirit and sake of the vision of sexual liberation!

Dress LYRA

This one is perfect for your provocative public appearances, whether red carpet run or any other special occasion.

The long dress repeats the silhouette and makes you look magnificent. Because of the length of the garment, your walk will remind you of petite geisha steps. The dress LYRA is narrowed to the bottom and has no cuts. To put on the item, use a zipper at the back of the garment, a buckle on the collar, and, of course, a silicone-based lube.


We can totally picture this set somewhere at a 2 days long party, floating through the waves of beats and people, and multiplying every blinking light.

The set consists of a top and shorts. The top binds the heart area and will look gorgeous on any body type. The shorts have a decorative belt and a functional zipper between the legs.


Imagine having a third date. You go out in this mini-dress, capture all the attention of your partner, and other people turn heads while you are passing them.

The dress CASEY combines black and translucent latex. The transparent part has decorative lines that accentuate and slim the figure and highlight your breasts as well.

And once again, we would like to point out that latex is a stunning and fastidious material. So don’t forget to put it on with a few drops of silicone-based lube. If you want to be all set for wearing latex, get Anoeses's care kit.

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