3 the Most Common Concerns Before Purchasing Latex

3 the Most Common Concerns Before Purchasing Latex

It was only logical for us at Anoeses to start creating garments from latex. From the very beginning of our work, we wanted to manifest eroticism in physical and, most important, aesthetic form. So when we mastered leather and mesh fabric, latex was already waiting for our touch.

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We didn’t know anything about the material but its glossy spirit related to everything we were doing before. Now, latex closing has become inseparable from our permanent collection, and we have learned a lot. In today’s blog article, dear reader, we want to share 3 the most common concerns people have before purchasing latex. Let’s go, latex doesn’t bite ♡

Where do you get latex from? Is it safe?

We use latex that is collected from local rubber plantations in Malaysia and ship it from the UK. It is a 100% renewable resource, and no toxic chemicals are used in the production.

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Is latex closing durable?

It has a sexy, curve-hugging style and its high elasticity, along with a polymer molecular structure, makes the latex clothing durable and well-fitted.

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There are three stages involved in creating latex leggings, dresses, lingerie sets and bodysuits. First of all, it is sheet-based clothing. So after you choose a particular design and all your measurements are double-checked, we cut out a latex sheet by hand on a flat board. Then we fasten the seams with a special rubber cement solvent-based adhesive.

Also, keep in mind that latex is like a balloon that can explode if you puncture it with long nails, piercing, sharp ring or neckless. So watch out!

Is latex clothing comfortable?

To be honest, ‘comfortable’ doesn’t even closely describe the sensations a latex garment gives you. Yoga pants are comfortable, a cotton oversized t-shirt is comfortable, but latex is just something beyond.

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Often people say 'no' to latex because they think they will look and feel like 'a stuffed sausage'. Let us stop you right here. Latex is kind of like a Spanx: keeps everything together, making tasty parts look even tastier. You may think you have to have a 'perfect body' to wear it - no. The material worships your unique forms. Just make sure you don’t size it down.

Remember that latex is not a breathable material, so the moisture your body produces will accumulate. Also, it takes on the temperature of your surroundings. For instance, if you are on a steamy dance floor, you will be sweaty and hot as well. However, if it’s chilly outside, then you may feel cold.

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