New redesigned restraint set UNO

New redesigned restraint set UNO

Hello, kinky friends! We have prepared some big news for you today. And to cut a long story short - we have redesigned the restraint collection UNO! Fireworks, cries of joy, fanfare.

We released UNO 2 years ago. And as it was the first one, we had named it UNO. Simple but memorable. We remember that back then, we put all our efforts and love into its design. It was like, do the best you can, or Anoeses would not be Anoeses.

So, let's take one step at a time and see what changes we have made?

The first step forward that we did is that we have expanded its color palette. From now, UNO will be presented in 5 colors: black, red, pink, violet, and green. Let us remind you that before, we sewed this set only in black and red.

After we had set all colors we badly wanted, we passed to the functionality of UNO. Now, this restraint set has the same number of items as our AURA. It consists of:

  • A collar
  • A leash
  • Handcuffs with double fixation
  • Ankle cuffs with double fixation
  • Thigh cuffs
  • 2 kinds of belts. We gonna tell you more about it later.
  • Garters
  • A collar to belt garter

Plus, we added a cute loop that plays an important functional role. It is called to connect the collar with the collar-belt garter. As the UNO collar has only one D-ring, this loop you can use as an additional fixation. Tricky, right?

And one more word about the collar. The presence of only one D-ring does not make the collar any less fantastic. Cause nickel-plated ring is strong, and it can handle both handcuffs and the leash.

All other changes affected the appearance and philosophy of the restraint set. As we did not want multiple collections, we have redesigned UNO, taking as a basis the beloved first variant. But now, UNO is more brutal, serious, powerful, and weighty.

In the redesigned UNO, we wanted to create a unified image, which is essential for the BD scene. Check out how UNO looks complete and kind of dangerous. Wider straps make it look incredible for sure! Do you have a shiver in your body? We certainly have!

The buckles are bigger too, which makes it look powerful. The restraint set has small D-rings that made the look of an external leather strap elegantly wavy. Also, the pattern of the rivets plays not the last role. They make UNO look more aggressive.

And as we are crazy in love with all types of the body, we have decided to sew two belts: 6.5 cm and 10.5 cm wide. So, you can choose the perfect one for you that will make your waist look sexy as hell.

Check out how UNO looks complete and kind of dangerous. Wide straps make it look incredible for sure! Do you have a shiver in your body? We certainly have!

Alright, now it is just the right time for you to travel to our collection section at to find your UNO. And we highly recommend watching the video-review about this set on our YouTube channel. After that, you will definitely know how lit UNO is.


With love,
Anoeses team

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