Anoeses — Ukrainian brand inspired by eroticism

Anoeses — Ukrainian brand inspired by eroticism

Anoeses fulfills the client’s erotic desire and curiosity. Anoeses awakes sensuality. 

Mexican poet Octavio Paz described eroticism as the poetry of the body in the way that poetry is the eroticism of language. For us, it is the aesthetic of sexual desire. It is sexuality that is enlightened by human imagination. This umbrella term covers everything that surrounds sex: touch, smell, move, sound, and word.

We believe that behind every goal stands the value that fuels it.

For four years we were cultivating values that guide us in the way we do business and treat our team members. We sincerely want to share this unique set of our beliefs, so we could understand each other better.


BDSM was considered weird and dirty. We created harmony in it. Our aesthetic approach changed the old stigmas.


We value equality and love differences. Every person is unique, and we truly believe that we’re bigger than the sum of our parts. We respect otherness.


We express our genuine feelings and thoughts as well as try to encourage you to do the same.

Premium quality

We aspire to perfection and uniqueness. If it’s a design, then one of a kind and only top materials. If it’s photo shooting, then the one has never been seen before and high-quality production.

Closeness to you

We pay attention to your interests and moods. You are like our own personal brand of inspiration.

Thank you very much for reading this article and your desire to get to know Anoeses Team and our values. Let’s meet regularly at a safe zone for all genders, bodies, ages, and sexualities to feel free and loved! Join our social media:


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