#kinktok: Topics We Should Discuss

#kinktok: Topics We Should Discuss

Recently we got obsessed with TikTok and content that represents the BDSM community. Among the vast amount of accounts, jokes, trending sounds, voices and themes, we have found a few shared leitmotifs. So what topics are the most discussed and shown?

1. Praise Kink 

It is also called an affirmation play when one partner loves being overloaded with positive affirmations physically, mentally and emotionally. They enjoyed being complimented and praised. Specifically, in BDSM, a submissive is being praised by a dominant partner. Since it is a relatively new form of play, we couldn’t find a strict definition of praise kink. However, TikTok videos make it sound like it goes beyond simple ‘good boy or girl’.

Here are some features that we have found out:

  • The praise is a play itself. So it doesn’t appear only at the end of the scene or in the middle as an encouragement. It is the essence, provocation, a way of egging a partner.
  • The play can be based on embarrassment when a person, for some reason, can’t accept compliments. You know - this certain type of emotional pain accompanied by blushed cheeks and then a release from accepting someone's words. The second type is based on a live-to-serve feeling when a partner likes being affirmed that they did a good job. The third one - is the valued type. It is more directed towards physical appearance, about being seen as beautiful and worthy.
  • Praise kink overlaps with body/dom worship but in terms of a dominant worships submissive. Affirmation play is also an inverted form of humiliation play.
  • Orgasm control and praise kink can have very similar effects. When you practice orgasm control/torture, you are overwhelmed with physical pleasure just as you feel emotionally overloaded during praise play. 

2. Bratting 

It has become very and very visible online, and people are asking: can you do bratting in DS relationships? Are submissives that are brats really submissives? Topping from the bottom is the same as bratting? For those who don’t know what bratting is, we will try to put it as simply as possible. It is a role-play style of a submissive/bottom partner when they talk back, tease, and behave ‘bad’ to get attention or ‘funishment’.

A lot of brats find this behavior a core of their BDSM identity because this way, they specifically explain how they prefer a kink to be done. And if bratting isn’t there, some important sensation or emotion will be missing.

Here is what our lovely Anoeses community thinks about bratting: 

3. CNC 

What is CNC? The abbreviation stands for Consensual Non-consent and is a form of edge play. Basically, in CNC, you grant consent to your partner/s to do whatever they want to do. So it is definitely not a light activity. That is why safewords and discussion of your limits are not only allowed but required in this dynamic. One of the most popular CNC scenes is a fantasy rape that can include two or more partners.

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