Latex Novelties: New Colors, New Designs, New Sensations

Latex Novelties: New Colors, New Designs, New Sensations

Latex is our latest addiction, and we love creating garments from this material! First of all, it illuminates pure sexiness in every gleam. It is opulent and visually exaggerates tasty forms. Secondly, it feels like a one-way ticket to a new you because it is indeed transformative material. People, who are acquainted with latex, point out that it puts them in another dimension. It is not a space where you pretend to be another person. The material rather stimulates your character hidden under everyday light. 

Also, the process of putting on a latex garment is close to mindful meditation. You can’t be unaware when you take care of latex or try it on because it requires your undivided attention. So in the end, you experience three stages: preparation, immersion and efflorescence. To read more about how to maintain your latex pieces in perfect condition, tap here.

What is new?

Launching our collection NKD has opened a new chapter of Anoeses's story, which you can read here. So latex played a valuable part in it and opened a door for a new color palette and new designs inspired by feminine and masculine figures. Let’s dive into some details!

Red color

Outfit: Stella010

The red color in human perception is associated with readiness to act. Anger, blood, fire - these elements and emotions fuel our experiences and make us feel alive. But putting aside a theory of color, red is highly sexualized and provokes desire. We are pretty sure you have some intimate red lingerie in your wardrobe.

Designs inspired by a masculine figure

Outfit: Set JAGGER001
It was the first time we presented men’s designs with women’s, and together they look energetically complete. These pieces emphasize the broadness of the shoulders, lengthen the silhouette, and the look from behind… is hypnotizing.
Outfit: Briefs JAGGER001

Beige color

Outfit: Stella013

Unlike red, beige is definitely calmer and more tender. Regardless of skin color type, beige looks stunning. It is its superpower - to be applicable in any style choice. Also, it is a highly aesthetic shade and is associated with royalness. It is exactly how we would like you to feel wearing our garments: proud and majestic.

Designs inspired by a feminine figure

Outfit: Stella011
They are extremely arousing! New colors, seductive bindings, and dresses compliment and worship the female silhouette. Also, fun fact, latex intensifies the sensations. So, imagine yourself wearing latex and being caressed. It is getting warmer, things are hitting up, and so are you!

Outfit: body Stella002, high stockings Stella001

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