Rules for Submissive: At Work

Rules for Submissive: At Work

Key points

  • Maintaining a double life between a professional career and a D/s relationship can be challenging but interesting.
  • The article is aimed at submissives who want to explore the dynamics of a D/s relationship while pursuing a professional career.
  • The top priority for a submissive is to ensure the dominant's satisfaction while projecting a strong professional image.
  • The article suggests starting with simple rules, such as going commando once a week or wearing a red lingerie set once a week.
  • More advanced rules can be developed over time, which can be seen as acts of genuine care from the dominant towards their submissive.
  • Personal hygiene and habits, as well as collar and jewelry, can also be included in the rules.
  • The sub should prepare their outfit idea every evening and show it to their dom, and if the dom requests to wear a certain garment that's not work-appropriate, the sub should wear it in the evening.

When we explore BDSM and the power exchange dynamic, most of us don't quit our day-to-day responsibilities and careers. But it's interesting and a little challenging to maintain this double life. This article is aimed towards submissives who, aspire to delve into the dynamics of a D/s relationship, while simultaneously pursuing a career in the professional realm.

D/s relationships suppose to derive interest for both partners and bring them closer to each other. For a submissive role-player who juggles a full-time job alongside a submissive persona, the topmost priority lies in ensuring a dominant's satisfaction, and, at the same time, projecting a strong professional image outside of the home. So, dear sub, we advise you to approach your partner with the idea that they could make up rules for you to follow throughout the day. Here're some suggestions to start:

  1. Once a week, go commando.
  2. If a dom asks you to go commando you will do it, and that will count as your once-a-week.
  3. Once a week, you will wear your red lingerie set.
  4. Write a dom's name on any part of your body every day.
  5. Send a video message of what you're going to wear and how you're writing your dom's name on the skin.
  6. Don't use any sex toys without your dom's permission.

With time, you may like to develop more rules for submissive. From one perspective, it's a good way to establish control on a day-to-day basis. And, on another hand, the rules for subs that spread beyond a bed can be viewed as dom's interest in their partner's well-being and are acts of genuine care.

We also have prepared more advanced rules for your submissive to follow. 

Personal hygiene and habits:

  1. To work, the sub only wears a small amount of makeup. From time to time, it can include slightly red lipstick.
  2. The sub will keep themselves shaved and neat at all times.
  3. NO snacking between meals, to prevent unhealthy habits
  4. The dom will choose which body lotion or perfume the sub uses after the bath/shower.

Collar and jewelry:

  1. The sub should wear their collar every day under their clothes;
  2. When the sub and dom are together, the dom will put the collar on and take it off.
  3. The sub is allowed to wear only small studs.


  1. Every evening, the sub should prepare the outfit idea and show it to their dom.
  2. If a piece of cloth is not approved by the dominant, the submissive should change it.
  3. If the dom requests to wear a certain garment, but it's not work-appropriate, the sub should go out wearing it in the evening.


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