Boot Worshiping: Explained

Boot Worshiping: Explained

Key points:

  • Boot worshiping, also known as boot fetishism or boot worship, is a practice that involves an erotic attraction to boots or footwear.
  • This fetish can include a wide range of activities, such as kissing, licking, or massaging the boots, wearing boots as part of sexual play, or even just admiring boots on a partner.
  • One of the reasons why boot worshiping can be so arousing is that boots can be seen as a symbol of power, dominance, or submission.
  • The tactile sensation of leather or other materials can also be a source of pleasure and arousal for some individuals.
  • If you are interested in exploring boot worshiping with a partner, it is important to establish clear communication and boundaries beforehand.

The definition of boot worshiping

Boot worship is a term used to describe a strong attraction or love for boots, often observed in BDSM practices, where the boots are typically worn by a dominant partner. This practice is closely related to foot worship, foot fetishism, and boot fetishism. In boot worship, a submissive partner may display reverence, adoration, or submission to the dominant partner by kissing, licking, massaging, or worshipping the boots they are wearing.

Things you can do

  1. Boot worship may involve a variety of activities, such as sniffing or inhaling from worn boots, as well as kissing, licking, or cleaning the exteriors of boots.
  2. In some cases, chewing leather shoes and boots may also be a part of boot worship.
  3. Sometimes, the dominant will choke the submissive by forcefully inserting his booted feet in the submissive's mouth.
  4. As a part of boot worship, the dominant partner may kick the submissive partner while wearing boots.
  5. The dominant can make the slave eat food smashed by their boots.
  6. The dominant partner may have the submissive partner lie down in front of them and then place their boots over the submissive's mouth, face, or body, instead of placing them on the floor.

Bootblacking as a part of boot worshiping

Bootblacking is a service that is commonly offered in BDSM circles, particularly within leather communities. This service involves cleaning, polishing, and sometimes spit-blacking a pair of boots, typically belonging to a dominant partner or a master/mistress.

Bootblacking is a versatile practice that can serve several purposes, including as a professional service, a display of submission, a part of boot worship, or as a ritual to initiate a scene. Submissives and bottoms can use bootblacking to show their care, appreciation, and submission to their top or dominant partner. At play parties, bootblacking can also be offered on a "pick-up" basis at a designated bootblack chair.

Bootblacking is particularly prevalent in the leather community, both old and new, due to the emphasis on leather accessories and clothing. Bootblacks typically have their own bootblacking kits, and there are even bootblacking competitions held at leather conventions.


Why do people find boot worship and bootblacking arousing?

There is a strong sense of determination as the submissive works on blacking the boots. By doing so, they contribute to their dominant partner's appearance and want them to look sharp. The submissive should be meticulous, don't leave any detail unnoticed. A submissive can feel the depth of emotion and surrender to the entire process. Also, the boots can be loved as an extension of their dominant, and submissive showers the leather with surrendered affection and unwavering devotion as a slave.

What to use to perform bootblacking for your dominant?

  • Saddle soap/pure glycerine soap/Hybrid Soap.
  •  Polish.
  • Horsehair Daubers.
  •  Toothbrush for application to crevices.
  •  Horsehair Shine Brush.
  • A soft cotton towel – hand towel sized is fine.
  • A shine cloth. Pantyhose works well for this purpose.

What can I read to become more profound in bootblacking and boot worshiping?

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