Bodysuit "Alexis"

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Bodysuit "Alexis"

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Anoeses Bodysuit "Alexis" - is a handmade item

Production time 5-7 business days
Shipping time 1-3 business days

*When ordering, please, designate your next personal measurements:
- neck
- bust
- under bust
- waist
- hip
- thigh
- internal leg length from the floor
- height


The bodysuit ALEXIS will definitely gain a special place in your wardrobe. It covers almost all body in biflex. The keyword — almost — because some small parts are elegantly opened, and ALEXIS' charm goes from them. Its gloves cover only two fingers, and small cuts under the ribs emphasize the waist. Also, there are loops for middle fingers on the socks. These petite details make ALEXIS a little bit playful and a little bit fetish.

The bodysuit has 2 zippers. The first one is hidden on the chest, and the second is... Well, it's close to paradise.


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