Bodysuit Set "Elza"

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Bodysuit Set "Elza"

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Anoeses Bodysuit set "Elza" - is a handmade item

Production time 5-7 business days
Shipping time 1-3 business days

*When ordering, please, designate your next personal measurements:
- neck
- bust
- under bust
- waist
- hip
- thigh
- internal leg length from the floor
- height


Elegancy, asymmetry, and spiciness are mottos of the body set ELZA. It consists of two parts: the top and the leggings. This combination slightly reminds a sporty outfit. But we think you know what sports activities we mean.

We sew ELZA from a mesh fabric and biflex. The parts made from mesh cover the right breast, the arm, and two juicy cheeks in the back. The biflex allowed us to experiment with the cuts and length of leggings. The right side of the ELZA leggings is longer and stretches over the foot, and the left one looks like bicycles. As the top and bottom parts are separate items, you can wear ELZA's leggings in your casual outfits.


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