Waist bag set "TANA" Red

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Waist bag set "TANA" Red

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Anoeses leather waist bag set "TANA"- is a handmade item

Production time 7-10 business days
Shipping time 1-3 business days

This item consists of:
- A belt
- A chain
- A hip pack


Spur-of-the-moment decision to go to a kinky party can become a decision you would never regret if you put on our TANA. The bag has such a name because it associates with a single sunray. It makes us want to play with it, to capture. Similarly, you can play with TANA to spotlight your outfit.

This precious accessory was designed by Mister K as the most functional small bag from Anoeses casual collection so far. TANA consists of the leather envelope, chain, and strap. All of them are detachable, and you can wear TANA in 3 different ways: across the shoulder, as the waist bag, and on your wrist.

The size of TANA captivates at first sight cause... what on earth could you possibly put in it? The answer is - the most essential things you need at the party. Your playful mood, credit cards, the promise that this night will be unforgettable, cash, and keys.

Also, TANA can be combined with Anoeses harnesses as well. You can use the carabiner to connect the bag to the ring on the harness.


Materials: full-grain leather and nickel-plated hardware, manufactured in Italy

The width of the belt - 4 cm (1,5 inch)
A hip pack - 9.5 cm x 9.5 cm (3,7 inch x 3,7 inch)

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