Harness "Belle" Green

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Harness "Belle" Green

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Anoeses Harness "Belle" is a handmade item

Production time 7-10 business  days
Shipping time 1-3 days

The most important measurements for the Set:

  1. under bust 
  2. bust
  3. waist
  4. thigh

You can order different sizes of products, specify your measurements in the comments


In the Kinky Wonderland appeared lingerie set BELLE that can evoke sexuality in the wearer and ignite the beast desire in those who see it. The set consists of two parts: the bra and the panties. So, let's take a closer look at them.

The first thing you can notice is how the form of the bra BELLE exposes the breasts. It doesn't matter what shape your breasts have. The straps of the bra will emphasize and support their natural beauty. At the front, you can see a central cruciform detail and two curved shoulder straps. They wrap around the chest and fasten on the back, emphasizing the silhouette of the figure. Also, there are rings with a diameter of 2 cm. They play a decorative role and also are the connecting links under the chest. You can adjust the bra at the back.

The panties consist of two main parts. The first one is the gusset - the piece of leather that covers the pubic area in the front. The second one is the belt. It has a wavy shape that visually lengthens the legs and emphasizes the waist. BELLE's belt fastens and adjusts on the back with the help of the small buckle. In the front of the gusset, there are cute rings to which are attached two narrow straps. They are like hugging the buttocks. Also, you can easily adjust the length of these straps. So the panties will fit you perfectly. Not least of all, we used hand stitches to connect the gusset to the waist belt. This makes BELLE super comfortable, and it won't rub your sensitive skin.


Materials: natural leather, manufactured in Italy and nickel-plated hardware

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