Set "Mayla" Black

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Set "Mayla" Black

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Anoeses Set "Mayla" Black consists of:

- collar
- leash
- handcuffs (double fixation)
- ankle cuffs (double fixation)
- thigh cuffs
- belt
- panties
- pasties (x2)
- chains (x6)

Set "Mayla" Black- is a handmade item

Production time 7-10 business days
Shipping time 1-3 business days

You can order different sizes of products, specify your measurements in the comments


The corset covers the waist and goes under the breasts. It consists of leather pieces that overlap. On the front, there is a zipper and two bottom rings. Corset has two rings on the sides as well. Two straps with D-rings (2 cm) go back and have a clasp that you can adjust. When you zip up the corset, its parts overlap, so buckles don't touch or rub the skin. Also, Mayla's inner side is lined with thin leather. That's why even if the corset is super close to your body, its seams won't irritate your skin. Rivets and zippers are also hidden under the lining. Due to the processing technology, the corset and accessories from the Mayla set are not thicker than items of other restraint sets.

Thigh cuffs

Mayla thigh cuffs also consist of leather parts that overlap and have thin lining. There are two rings on the top. Over wider strap goes a thinner one with two D-rings. On the inner sides of the thigh cuffs, there are buckles that you can use to adjust the length. All rivets are hidden under the layer of thin leather.


It's a two-layer collar that softly touches the skin. You can attach a leash (85 cm) to a ring in the middle. The narrowest part is 2 cm wide, and the widest – 8,5 cm. There is a buckle on the back of the collar.

Ankle cuffs and handcuffs

They also have an additional lining. The cuff's widest part is 6,5 cm and the narrowest – 5 cm. Over the main part goes a leather strap (2 cm) with a D-ring. The cuffs' endings overlap, so the buckles don't touch the skin.


Six chains of this set provide you with a staggering amount of fixations. These chains have no regulations, but present in two sizes: 19cm (x2) and 25cm (x4). And you can attach them in the most various ways possible.


Materials: full-grain leather and nickel plated hardware, manufactured in Italy
Belt - strap width - 6,5 cm
Thigh cuffs - strap width - 5 cm
Ankle cuffs - strap width - 5 cm
Handcuffs - strap width - 5 cm
Leash - length appr. - 80 cm
Collar - strap width - 5 cm
Chains  - 2x19cm + 4x25cm
Pasties - diameter 5,5cm


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