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Anoeses FLCN is a newly developed erotic mask inspired by the images of marvelous birds of prey. Small but furious. It makes a gorgeous look on anybody, no matter man or woman. The curves on this mask express the dynamic movement and flow. The thrilling shape of this BDSM accessory will definitely strike a chord with everyone who sees it.  It covers your eyes, but the eyesight is not obstructed because of the perforated front element. It covers the whole head and stays firmly on your face. While wearing it, the nose and mouth remain free. The symmetrical shape of the mask fits every face. The lower part of the mask holds the chin, and three regulators, one on the top and two on the sides, constrain the mask on the head.
Your look in this erotic mask will fascinate those around you. This leather BDSM accessory is great for fetish games and ordinary parties. You will be in the middle of attention. Fantasize, experiment, and be brave with Anoeses.


Materials: full-grain leather and nickel-plated hardware

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