When we treat garments with love and patience, they serve us longer. We give them a chance to intertwine with our personal stories. They become a part of our most valuable memories. Therefore, we highly recommend learning how to lovingly take care of Anoeses products. Please, read and follow these essential rules. We got you set up!


To make our restraint sets UNO,URANIA,MAYLA, all our men's collection,casual belts,corsets,chokers,bags, and harnesses, we use full-grain leather. This is the most traditional, desired, and expensive of all leathers.


Another type of leather we use at Anoeses is corrected grain leather. And from it, we make restraint sets NELLIE and AURA, some blindfolds, and gags.


We highly recommend handwashing your textile garments, especially products with a boning.

Bodies without boning, skirts and panties can be machine washed on a Delicate mode at 30° C. All fasteners and locks must be closed before washing.

Do not use machine wringing, and wring the water out gently with your hands.

NOTE! If you put elastic garments into hot water, they will lose all their elastic qualities.
It is not recommended to dry biflex and mesh fabric under direct sunlight, on heaters, or radiators. Place the item horizontally, to let it dry.


  • Before putting it on, use a special polisher to make latex shine and glow;
  • If you have Anoeses lingerie set that covers small parts of your body, then you'll put on bra and panties super easy without a lube;
  • Latex stockingsbodysuitslong-sleeved topsleggings, etc., should be put on with a small amount of lube. This material is skin-tight, and additional lubrication provides you better comfort;
  • Use spray for a sexier wetlook.
  • If you have a latex garment of light or semitransparent colors, remove all your piercings (the ones that can contain copper) and take a shower before putting on your item. Copper, which also can be found in silver jewelry, leaves brownish stains.
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