Do you love leather garments and accessories? Are you intrigued by the idea of adding a pair of sexy leather panties to your collection? Then you’ve come to the right place. On this page, you can browse different types and designs of leather panties manufactured by Anoeses. Our selection features leather thongs, daring crotchless panties, and even panties that can be used to attach a strap-on. In addition to the variety of designs we offer, our leather underwear comes in a number of vivid colors, so you can mix and match it with different bras, harnesses, other accessories, and even clothing. You can also choose panties crafted from hard or soft leather. Panties made from soft, or corrected grain leather will feel soft and silky smooth against your skin, while underwear made from hard, or full-grain leather will be more weighty. 

Each pair of panties you see on this page is manufactured by hand. As a result, you get an accessory that looks and feels luxurious and fits your body just right. Plus, our panties are outfitted with buckles, allowing you to easily adjust the straps if you are looking for a tighter or looser fit. All leather underwear manufactured by Anoeses is made from high-quality Italian leather. This makes each garment we sell very durable and pleasant to the touch. At the same time, nickel-plated hardware used to craft the garments ensures their reliability and comfort.