At Anoeses we take your confidentiality very seriously. However, we have noticed that communication between managers and customers sometimes tends to struggle with the sensitive principles of confidentiality. That is why we have introduce you the three principles of confidentiality we follow:

    1. We not share your personal contacts with anyone. This includes your first and last name, email address, phone number or your home address. Our system is built that you are able to contact us via different means of communication: from website to social networks. And no one, except the manager you are working with, is able to get your data. Every file of photo you send us is used only after your permission.

    2. Do not give your order details to anybody. Giving anyone access to your personal information about orders is something we strongly discourage. We never ask for any more information than we need to get you started with an order. We insist very strongly that you keep your communication with managers confidential as well.

    3. We deal only the expert payment solutions. Nobody has an access to your credit card or any other payment-related information. All the payments methods we use are secured - so be sure checking out. Plus we have a transparent money back guarantee. is secured by "Let's Encrypt Authority X3" SSL certificate.

You agree to comply with all points of this Confidentiality Policy when you first place an order at

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