If you love to embrace your kinky side in the bedroom, you probably share our passion for BDSM play and bondage in particular. There are many things you can use to restrain your partner or be restrained by your partner in the bedroom: rope, pieces of cloth, chains, and even zip ties. But leather is by far the most opulent restraint material that exists. Anoeses is one of the best luxury BDSM accessory brands in the entire world. We focus on creating elegant, yet kinky restraints, harnesses, bodywear, lingerie, and even BDSM-inspired garments and accessories that you can wear to casual occasions. 

You can browse our entire collection of leather restraints on this page. When it comes to any restraint type, you have two options of materials to choose from: soft leather and hard leather. Hard leather feels weighty against the skin, so it’s perfect for people who enjoy a higher degree of fixation. At the same time, soft leather feels much more smooth and elastic, so it’s ideal for those who enjoy restraints and accessories that feel gentler on the skin. 

Once you’ve decided on the type of leather you prefer, you can start browsing our huge selection which can blow the mind of any kink-lover. Our incredible collection includes masks, blindfolds, belts, gags, cuffs, leashes, collars, and entire sets of restraints for people who want to get a complete outfit.