What materials come to your mind first when thinking about fetish erotica? Leather and latex. These two materials in a world of kinky plays allow you to reveal your rebellious side and boost your sexuality, adding more spice to your bedroom sessions. A latex line from Anoeses is a luxurious way to feel your superpower and complete the collection of your BDSM accessories with innovative, high-end latex clothing and lingerie designs. 

In the fetish world, latex is associated with confidence, dominance, and power. The glossy shine of this material emphasizes each curve of the body, whereas the perfect fit to the body makes it feel and look like a second skin. Latex has a unique wetlook, smell, taste, and sound that act as a stimulus and heat you up during your kinky plays. Moreover, it intensifies the touch and makes the body super sensitive to temperature. Accessories from this material will bring new sensations to your bedroom sessions and help diversify your play. 

Latex panties from Anoeses are sewed from natural premium-quality rubber imported from the United Kingdom. In our collection, you can find options with zippers, panties with bifurcated parts, and decorative piercing. We use the latex thickness of 0.6-0.8mm, making all the panties sit perfectly and comfortable to wear even outside your bedroom. You can also use latex shine to enhance the beauty of our latex items. Anoeses latex panties are something your sexuality longs for, so don’t stop!