The gloves created by Anoeses designers are a combination of elegance and erotica. Made from premium-class mesh fabric, they will become an excellent addition to your collection of kinky garments. A translucent material will emphasize the fragility and tenderness of a person’s wrist and fingers, looking extremely elegant and seductive. Some of the options in our gloves collection also feature seams that visually lengthen the hands and arms. 

The mesh fabric we use for our gloves looks luxurious, elegant, and pleasant to the touch. You can choose among different designs to find the best option for your image. Anoeses collection of gloves features long and short gloves, with options made from a translucent mesh and biflex. Each item in our gloves line is handcrafted so you can feel the luxury, elegance, and quality at your fingertips. The gloves are a universal accessory, which can be worn as a part of a kinky outfit during your play or outside the bedroom as an elegant accessory for a date or party. Anoeses gloves will make you look sophisticated and gentle and can be combined with bodies, dresses, and lingerie sets from our collection to create a kinky yet elegant outfit.