What type of restraints do you prefer to use in the bedroom: rope, cloth, tape, chains, or maybe leather? If you love the look and feel of luxurious, premium-quality leather bondage restraints on your or your partner’s body, then you’re in the right place! Anoeses offers a huge selection of leather restraint sets to satisfy every kinky fantasy and desire. On this page, you’ll find complete sets of restraints crafted from Italian leather. Also known as full-grain leather, this premium-quality material feels hard and weighty against the skin, making the person wearing it actually feel restrained. Our skilled craftsmen carefully create each piece, paying attention even to the smallest details. If you love bondage accessories that feel elegant and luxurious, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with Anoeses quality. To ensure that all our customers are 100% satisfied, we provide a 12-month warranty on all pieces. However, you can expect our products to last significantly longer without showing any signs of wear or requiring repairs. 

Each restraint set consists of different pieces to provide you with the exact bondage experience you’re looking for. For instance, some sets include thigh, ankle, and wrist cuffs, a bondage belt or corset, a collar, and a leash. Other sets may include thigh and handcuffs, and several types of fixation accessories. Keep in mind that you can also purchase additional accessories and garments for your collection separately at any time.