When it comes to accessories, there’s no better symbol of power exchange than a leash and a collar. Whether you are a submissive or a slave, just putting on a collar and a leash can instantly get you into a submissive mind space and get you ready for an exciting night. At the same time, there’s nothing more satisfying for a master or a dominant than seeing their slave wearing luxurious BDSM accessories, which instantly transforms your perception and makes you feel powerful. Essentially, any leash and collar is a symbol of a special relationship you have with someone, and only you two know the meaning of the symbol.

The collars in this category are made from rare leather, also known as full-grain leather. This is one of the most sought-after materials, which represent the epitome of luxury. Accessories made from this leather are weightly and sturdy to the touch, and they are ideal for people who want to feel more restrained. All our leashes are collars are made from premium quality Italian leather to ensure that they last a very long time.

Our collection features an impressive selection of leashes and collars. First, there are collars that come as part of a restraint or lingerie set, so they can actually be used to restrain your partner. You can use them alone or as a part of a set. Next, there are casual collars, which you can wear every day. Leather is incredibly empowering and if you can summon the courage to wear a leather choker to a casual event, you will be surprised at the amount of confidence this simple accessory can lend you. Finally, there are male collars, which can highlight a man’s masculinity and brutality or be a sign of his submissiveness in a relationship.