A simple guide to DDLG relationships

A simple guide to DDLG relationships

The Dominant/submissive relationship in BDSM takes different forms, involves individual contracts, sets of rules, and punishments. One of the less known BDSM relationships where the Dominant and the submissive have specific roles is DDLG. But what does DDLG stand for and what does this relationship entail? If you want to learn more about the DDLG kink, read our DDLG guide below. 

What is DDLG?

DDLG is an acronym that stands for “Daddy Dom Little Girl”. It is a type of relationship where the dominant partner assumes the role of a caring and nurturing daddy and the submissive chooses to obey and be cared for by their daddy. 

This type of relationship can also be referred to as “ageplay”. The submissive can decide to regress to different ages starting from a baby to 12 years old. Many submissives in DDLG relationships choose an age between 6 and 12 years old. They are often referred to as “middles” instead of “littles”. “Littles” regress to younger age and want to be taken care of to a larger extent.  

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What do DDLG relationships look like?

The DDLG dynamic can be incorporated in the private environment of a bedroom or taken into everyday life. Some couples decide on a non-sexual DDLG relationship which is satisfying for both partners and even provides a safe space for the submissives to feel care and heal from their childhood trauma. Others prefer to involve the Dominant as a strict parent who is not only taking care of the little and playing with them but also has the power to set rules and punish them when these rules are violated. 

Traditionally, there are two roles in any DDLG relationship - “Daddy Dom” and “Little Girl”. However, there may be other genders mixed in this relationship which will then have a different acronym. The Daddy Dom role usually carries with it a set of responsibilities and actions related to parenting. At the same time, the partner who takes the Little Girl role will have a space to express their childish behavior, play, and feel cared for. 

So what are some actions that the partners in DDLG relationships can incorporate into their lives? 

The caregiver can set rules for the little to follow 

The caregiver can decide to set rules he thinks will be beneficial for the little. This includes but is not limited to going to bed at a certain time, reminding them to take medicine, having a “no swearing” rule, restricting how many sweets the sub can eat, asking them to do some daily chores and other tasks. Caregivers may also implement punishments for situations when the little breaks the rules.

The dominant can take care of the little in routine tasks 

The caregiver may brush the little’s hair, tie shoelaces for them, brush their teeth, help them to get ready for bedtime, or assist in other daily actions. If the little wants to wear a diaper, the caregiver can also change it when necessary. 

The caregiver can supervise the little 

The Dominant may supervise the sub when they play with toys or watch cartoons. 

The caregiver can take the little to various places and events 

The caregiver can take the little to a playground, amusement park, county fair, or toy store to have fun and choose toys to buy. 

The little can refer to the caregiver in a special way 

The little one can often choose to call the caregiver “Daddy” or “Mommy” in a childish way. 

The can little do crafts for their caregiver 

The little can draw pictures or paint in colouring books, or making handmade presents for their caregiver.  

The little can dress youthful 

The little can wear clothes meant for children or garments adorned with childish patterns such as cute tutus and coveralls. 

DDLG lifestyle explained

BDSM DDLG relationships don't have any limits regarding what a caregiver-little one interaction can look like, so you can use your imagination. You can dedicate a short amount of time to such interactions or make them a daily lifestyle.

Why do couples find DDLG kinky? For many Dominants, it is a way to feel themselves in a parenting position and show care for their sub without causing them pain. As for subs who take on the role of a “little”, sometimes, this dynamic is a way to rest from daily work responsibilities and adult decisions. A DDLG relationship is a space where they can let go of all the worries and express their inner child to the fullest. 

An important foundation of DDLG is that both partners should be consenting adults - minors shouldn’t be involved in this kind of relationship. 


DDLG BDSM is a practice that can also be incorporated without a caregiver or can be first probed by the sub on their own. 

DDLG play with a caregiver 

BDSM DDLG practices that involve a caregiver assign specific roles to both the Dominant and the submissive that were covered earlier. If the Dominant finds themselves comfortable in a dominating parenting role, then you can feel free to explore DDLG in your relationship. 

DDLG fetish without a caregiver

Sometimes, a person in the submissive position is not sure if they want to try DDLG with their partner. In this situation, the best way for sub would be to explore this practice on their own. They can experiment with expressing themselves in a childish way, watching cartoons, and investing in adult diapers, pacifiers, and bottles. 

Overall, a DDLG kink will be a great fit for couples who like BDSM dynamics but don’t want to be involved in harsh types of BDSM. 

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