A new casual photostory by Anoeses

A new casual photostory by Anoeses

Finally, welcome our new photostory! This time we were trying to get rid of paint and work directly with the light itself. Also, everything was about balance achievement. The balance in color and the balance in shapes.

And, of course, the main star is our accessories in everyday life. We were trying to show them not as a sign of frivolity, but as the demonstration of power.

Let's look closely!

An outfit with a harness causes a stir. And when you combine it with a touch of kink, it reaches the viral status. However, this look is still relatable because you can wear a harness on a simple black shirt with trousers. Who doesn't have these items in a wardrobe?

anoeses harness ORA

(Harness “ORA” black; Handcuffs “UNO” black)
Do you want to show your kinky side in casual outfits? We got you covered! Visit anoeses.com and find our chokersbeltscorsets, and bags. Now, let’s get back to reading.

anoeses harness ora and handcuffs

Wear a harness to enhance your style. Don't rewrite it.

Anoeses harness ORA and leather cuffs

(Harness “ORA” black; Handcuffs “UNO” black)

What can we say about belts? Only that, lately, they are playing a popular styling tool role. We suggest you wear it on high-waist trousers to punctuate it.

Anoeses choker “NEVARA MINI” and Belt “DESTINY”

(Collar “NEVARA MINI”; Belt “DESTINY”)

Or, maybe, you are a brave and extraordinary person who likes weightless dresses with contrasting massive accessories? Then the belt with an elegant chain and a thigh cuff is perfect for you.

Ankeses casual belt DESTINY

   (Belt “DESTINY”)

Any daytime outfit, you can improve with the addition of a belt.

Leather choker “EMBLA” and Belt “ADARA”)

  (Collar “EMBLA”; Belt “ADARA”)

Who thinks that the neck is one of the sexiest parts of the human body? We couldn't agree more. Also, your neckline talks about your style. Someone can be into pearls; we are into collars.

Anoeses choker NEVARA

  (Collar “NEVARA”)

A brutal leather collar on your neck emphasizes its fragility.

Anoeses leather collar ERATO

  (Collar “ERATO”)

So, will 2020 be the year of courage and experiments? Now all fashion dynamics are pointing to yes. And we are here to be your tool in this way. Check our shop section to find your very sexy accessory, which will fulfill your personal style.

To discover more about Anoeses, sexualities, BDSM and connect with our community, follow @anoeses.education.

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