New leather lingerie sets: CARMEN & BELLE

New leather lingerie sets: CARMEN & BELLE

 CARMEN and BELLE were created when social life in Kyiv (the city where Anoeses is based) and in the world got put on hold. At this time, when strict limitations prevail, our souls are looking for a play and something extraordinary. This is not surprising because the human psyche works this way – we can't be under the nervous strain for a long time. And sexual activity is one of the ways to relieve tension.

The leather harnesses are closely associated with BDSM play. So their first purpose is to be worn during your BD scene. In the passion for leather and fetish, Anoeses designers don't forget about the idea that parts of harnesses can be worn with casual outfits. Designers create samples, and after consideration of all edits from Mister K. (Anoeses founder), they go to the manufactory. So Anoeses harnesses were kinky just enough that you can combine them with casual clothes and go to a party or restaurant.

Now, let's take a closer look at our stunning duo: CARMEN & BELLE.

Leather lingerie harness
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CARMEN breathes with power and feminity. The harness tightens the breasts and gives the feeling of provocation. And the bottom part can be associated with cowboy gear. So cowgirl pose is going to look even more lusting in CARMEN.

anoeses leather lingerie set

And we got such feedback: 'I want to applaud the shape of the panties – very successful and comfortable. The panties confidently hold the toy. There is a feeling that the panties with the dildo become one and the same with the body. The hard and strong leather and wide shape don't allow the toy to sag'.

Leather bra Belle by Anoeses

BELLE, is a calmer harness but no less seductive. The top part exposes the breasts, and the straps emphasize and support their natural beauty.

Anoeses leather lingerie set

We hope you've already imagined yourself in CARMEN or BELLE. Check out the HARNESS section to order.

Stay sexy as hell

Anoeses Team

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