Not a casual photostory

Not a casual photostory

The word "casual" is often associated with regular and conventional things that bear no emotion and no spark. But we put some other meaning in this word. «Casual» is not about the product - "casual" is about the situation itself. About your everyday life and the ways to improve it.

This is a new opportunity for us. We wanted to try to create a line of accessories for everyday use. We were the first to create three wonderful belts that are not designed for sex games, but specifically for wearing with clothes. They are called: Destiny, Adara, and Dion.

anoeses casual leather belt

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For us, it has great potential. It’s all about meaningful details, aesthetics, and sensuality. Which itself is a part of the lifestyle. Right, we want you to feel sexy on a daily basis. Thus, Casual collection by Anoeses is a splash of new colors among our other accessories. In addition to the classic black and red colors, our new green and violet are fresh and vivid addition, that immediately catches one's attention.

anoeses casual leather belt

Let’s take a closer look:

anoeses green leather casual belt

anoeses purple leather casual belt

anoeses green leather casual belt

Smooth and soft lines of casual belts highlight body curves adding more layers to your sexuality. The play of textures allows you to experiment with looks on the verge between romantic dresses and simple turtle necks.

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