Social networks for kinksters

Social networks for kinksters

Mostly BDSM people are online types. We mean, it's easier to open your fetishes and desires under a nickname. This is closely related to some stereotypes that surround the BDSM community and to arousing feeling you can get during a role-play. Fetish websites contain both aspects.

Buckle up, today we would like to talk about platforms, where you can meet a potential partner or supportive community. And, also, we will give pieces of advice for newbies on how to survive online and not lose your true self during the journey. Let's go!

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Fetlife is a kinky variant of Facebook. And as you know, social media is about chatting with someone, or posting, or finding friends. This website offers a lot of activities and educational materials related to BDSM.

Remember, Fetlife is not designed for dating. The way people communicate there, how navigation works, none of that even slightly reminds dating websites. If you are trying to find a partner here, of course, you can. Like, the same story is with Facebook. But your aim will not coincide with the purpose of this social media.

Anoeses altcom

Do you want to show your kinky side in casual outfits? We got you covered! Visit and find our chokersbeltscorsets, and bags. Now, let’s get back to reading. differs from Fetlife as it's a more relevant fetish dating website and works as a niche one. It offers private messaging with a person you like to know better, chatrooms areas, and webcam video chat sessions. And if you have a sprinkle of exhibitionism, you can broadcast your cam and even get 'tips' for that.

The most helpful feature on is the 'Kink Search'. By using it, you can find singles or couples in your local area, and it will be based on your personal preferences. So you can connect with people who share your kinky interests. Cool, huh?

So, let's say, you have registered now what? You should remember some helpful tips. And as the playground is online, you can control the content you perceive and to practice wisely in your role.

1. Put out your hornyness before entering dating mode. Even if sex is an essential part of BDSM, you are looking for a person who can meet your needs and vice versa. So think about the qualities you want to see in your partner besides sexual.

2. To find the right partner, you should also be a high-quality person yourself. The law of attraction works in an online environment.

3. Present your kinky interests with taste. We swear, no one wants to read an essay on your full BDSM experience. Let people want to know you more by saying less info. Intrigue.

4. Grow a thick skin. Be ready that, from time to time, you will chat with someone who is a time-waster or who is a fake. Don't take such situations personally.

5. If you find someone decent, have a real-life conversation. It can be a short date over a cup of coffee. And, please, choose the time and place of a meeting wisely. The rule is not late in the night and in a public place.

Oh, and one last thing. Fetish dating has pretty much the same rules as vanilla. But it's easier to stick to them when both of you are aware of safe, sane, and consensual aspects.

We wish you all the luck in the world in finding someone who deserves you.

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