Types of Bondage Blindfolds and Masks

Types of Bondage Blindfolds and Masks

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Partners that have been together for a long time often look for some toys to help spice up their routine in the bedroom. If you are looking for some new sexual experiences, bondage blindfolds and BDSM masks may be just the right toys to start with. These accessories give you and your partner a chance to try a soft type of BDSM play since they take away only one sense – the sense of sight. If you and your partner are already experienced with kinky play, you may want to check out more intense hoods and masks that provide more restriction.

Why Do People Choose to Include BDSM Blindfolds and Masks in Their Sessions?

Sensory deprivation masks and bondage blindfolds are considered to be the easiest, though not the only way to start a BDSM session. Beginners often choose them because sight is the easiest and safest sense you can take away. However, it is wrong to think that BDSM blindfolds and masks are only for beginners. Many experienced couples use them alone or in a combination with other sensory deprivation toys in their sessions. 

The main reason why people love using blindfolds in BDSM play is because they prevent the wearer from seeing and anticipating where and how they will be touched next. This suspense increases the feeling of excitement and gives the submissive a deeper sense of satisfaction. 

Another reason to use masks and blindfolds comes from the fact that depriving a person of one type of feelings usually makes all their other senses much more acute. Without the ability to see, the blindfolded person will concentrate on his or her sense of smell, touch, taste, and sound. Some people advance the play even further, removing the sub’s ability to hear with noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs. Others like covering or pinching the nose to deprive the person of their sense of smell. However, this must be done very carefully. 

How to Choose a Blindfold or Mask for a BDSM Session? 

To ensure that both you and your partner could enjoy your session, it is important to be extra careful when choosing a new mask or blindfold. Here are some tips for picking blindfolds and masks:

  • First, check that the accessory allows the wearer to breathe. This is especially important if you are choosing a sensory deprivation mask that covers the entire face and head. 
  • Secondly, you want to check how well the mask restricts sight. Choose good quality masks, as the cheaper accessories may allow the person wearing the mask to peek out the bottom of the mask, which can spoil your play session. 
  • The third important factor is the size and adjustability of BDSM blindfolds and masks you choose. If the accessory is too loose, it will slip down the face, if it is too tight, it may cause unpleasant pain and even eye damage; in any case, an uncomfortable blindfold can easily ruin the entire session.
  • Finally, choose an accessory that fits the style of your BDSM play. Choose a mask that looks cute, scary, or kinky depending on your and your partner’s mood and preferences.

Types of BDSM Blindfolds and Masks

There is a wide range of masks and blindfolds for sex on the market. They are available in different shapes, colors, and materials. 

The most popular sight-deprivation accessories are simple blindfolds that look like a sleeping mask. They are usually made of fabric, have a low price, and present a simple and inexpensive way to check if you or your partner actually enjoy being blindfolded in the bedroom. There are also simple blindfolds made of leather and other materials. These are usually more expensive but you should remember that leather masks and blindfolds crafted by Anoeses provide an unmistakable feeling of luxury.

If you want to experience more extreme sensory deprivation, try BDSM masks combined with ball gags. These gags are often removable for more comfort and versatility. 


What can be used as a blindfold? 

You can quickly make a blindfold using a bandana, a scarf, or any other piece of fabric. However, if you are an experienced BDSM player, consider purchasing luxury leather blindfolds crafted by Anoeses.  

How do you tie a bandana into a blindfold?

You can easily turn your bandana into a blindfold. Just fold it in half to make a triangle. After that, fold the corners to form a long strip. Wrap the folded bandana around your submissive’s head and tie it with a double knot. 

Why do people wear blindfolds?

People usually use blindfolds during sex to increase the intensity of other sensations the wearer may experience. This includes smell, sound, taste, and touch. Plus, once all visual clues are eliminated, the person wearing the blindfold does not know what to expect at any given moment, which, in turn, ensures greater excitement and anticipation.

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