Welcome to my world, baby

Welcome to my world, baby

The story about showplace of Anoeses


The theme of sexuality is always fanned by a light secret, filled with fantasies and desires. We prefer to share our thoughts with a partner about this question in a private atmosphere, when we feel safe and can open up without fear of judgement. These are the basic conditions for the feeling of intimacy.


Feel free in the start


When the idea of ​​creating a brand of erotic attributes was born, we knew for sure that we needed a place where a guest could feel free, not embarrassed for his questions on frank topics, express lively interest in accessories and their functionality.

Therefore, we immediately created a showroom in which all the collections and accessories are presented.

You can visit the showplace only by appointment or agreement with the manager. Such visit format was chosen to enhance the security and confidence of our guests. In the space of the showroom can be only one guest at a time (not excluding the people with whom he came). Therefore the possibility of crossing with other guests and, as a consequence, the absence of awkward situations and the possibility of preserving privacy are excluded.

In the ‘ANOESES’ showroom you can feel relaxed, slowly explore the assortment, ask any questions to hostess and try on any product to discard doubts and make the right choice.

Booking time for a visit is easy - it can be done through the website, direct in instagram, messenger on Facebook or via the phone call.


Create the right atmosphere


We love when dear guests visit us, that’s why we always try to improve the interior design, fill it with new details and interesting objects. There is always playing relaxing and seductive music, which adjusts you to the disclosure of sexual potential and in its own way liberates.

The room consists of one representative hall with a large window, but the colors of the interior are chosen in a certain way, to create a sense of mystery.

For this was chosen an elegant burgundy - the color of attractiveness and charisma. Subconsciously, it enhances self-confidence and stimulates the disclosure of inner strength.

Forming shades of burgundy are red and black. Symbolically they reflect the unification of emotional brightness and subconscious images in a creative, non-standard, intuitive and leading position.

Burgundy can be called insidious, because the dark subconscious of “black” is intolerable, irritable, proud. Its desires are equal to desires of animals: to win, to seduce,to take what you want. In addition, the "red" component doesn’t leave them at the level of fantasy, demanding incarnation.

In the hall there are several art works of young Ukrainian artists of the erotic genre, which can also be bought right in the showroom.


Collect only the best


However, not the color of the walls, nor the music or the light  are the main interest that arises if you have ever seen the visual manifestation of the ANOESES brand. The main thing is, of course, the accessories. They are various devices for bondage (fixation of the body in different poses) and games with power. The connoisseur of leather fetish can start or continue to collect some erotic attributes in his “home” collection. Among them are: handcuffs, ankle cuffs, thigh cuffs, bondage belts, various collars and leashes, masks for visual deprivation, seductive harnesses and leather lingerie, flagellation devices and shibari ropes.

All leather products are processed and made by hand from high-quality leather, originally from Italy, which gives each accessory long-term reliability. Italian nickel-plated metal fittings are an elegant accent and component of the functional strength of each product.

The edges of the accessories from every leather collection are specially processed (polished and coated with a special varnish)  to not rub when used and to not damage human skin.



Take a look at ANOESES, to finally find the very place where your fantasies will begin to be realized!

We are waiting for you:

3 Aleksandra Dovzhenko

03057, Kyiv, Ukraine


+38 093 569 66 06

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