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Shop online and share your cart with a single click! YouPay allows you to share your cart with a lover or secret admirer so you can get the items you actually want and make buying them easier than ever for your payer - welcome to multiplayer shopping at Anoeses.

How it works

YouPay gives you the power to shop online at Anoeses and let someone else pay for your order. Turn your cart into a secure, shareable payment link without the need to share private information like shipping details, names or payment information with your shopper or payer.
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How it works

YouPay FAQ's

Yes. Your details are not shared with your chosen payer unless you want them to be. As a payer, your details are not shared with your shopper, unless you want them to be.

Receive gifts while keeping your personal information hidden. YouPay doesn’t require much information to create or pay for your YouPay cart (we don’t access or store any payment details), but any information we do require is stored privately and securely – giving both shoppers and payers complete peace of mind when using YouPay.

Yes, YouPay is free for everyone – our Shoppers (the person receiving the products) and Payers (the person who makes the payment).

A Shopper is the person who places the original order and will be receiving the items.

A Payer is the person who pays for the order. The Shopper sends the Payer a YouPay link to make a purchase.

Yes, YouPay links are fully encrypted.

Anyone who wants to pay for you.

YouPay offers the same payment methods the shop offers for regular payments with the most common being PayPal and credit card.

Yes, YouPay supports PayPal and other payment methods including Visa and Mastercard. YouPay uses the shop’s original payment methods to process the Payer’s payment.

No, we do not. YouPay connects your Payer to the existing payment methods in your chosen shop.

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