What are the most common and popular fetishes?

What are the most common and popular fetishes?

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When it comes to fetishes, people think that they are one of a kind. And they lockdown it because of the question: 'What's wrong with me?'. But by learning that our kinks are not so rare, we can start talking about them. With the help of social media, the taboo - you shouldn't talk about sex in a decent company - is erasing. We became more interested in the opinions of many individuals. So it brought us to the point where we can accept ourselves by knowing the perspective of others.

The literal definition of a fetish is an attraction to an object. It needs to be present in your sexual scenario, so you can fully engage in a process. Let's find out what things can spice up your fantasies?

1. Bondage.

anoeses bondage fetish

If you like physical restrictions and often fantasize about being tied up or vice versa, your fetish is bondage. This type refers to the use of toys such as ropes or handcuffs. You can start with binding arms together. And later, it can convert into a long term bondage scenario.

2. Impact play.

anoeses impact play and spanking

The name talks for itself. It's a popular part of any BDSM role-play. This kink often requires paddles or whips. Also, constant communication with your partner, especially during the act, is key to a successful experience. If you provide impact, learn more about parts you can spank. In case you don't know where to hit, you can damage the organs of your partner.

3. Lingerie and nylons.

anoeses lingerie and nylons fetish

Yes, it also can be a fetish and not just the way you look tonight. It comes when you use this 'dressing' to live through an immersive experience and get lost in the moment. You may consider wearing a harness during the act. Or maybe your thing is a nylon catsuit, which gives the taste of a mystery.

4. Quirofilia.

anoeses quirofilia

Do you get aroused by hands? Its veins, manicures, or maybe you fantasize about how they look during dishwashing? If your answer is yes, you are into quirofilia. Likely there are a lot of options that fulfill your attraction to hands such as fisting, fingering, or hand jobs. And you can mix and match it with bondage by wearing handcuffs.

5. Foot fetishism.

anoeses foot fetish

We credit media for helping this type to become a common one. It's so popular that sometimes we don't think about it as a kink. But still, it is when it comes to 'worshipping' feet. People can get off massaging and liking it, or enjoying its touch on a face. What is fascinating is that this kink is super popular among men. Like, what hides in women's feet and other secrets of life?

Well, all 5 are just the tip of an iceberg. If you want to learn more about people's fantasies, you should read 'Tell Me What You Want: The Science of Sexual Desire and How It Can Help You Improve Your Sex Life' written by Dr. Justin Lehmiller.

Have you found yourself in these kinks? We are guessing even more than in one. For sure, they can overlap and make more categories. These combinations can be your way to improve sex life. Ask your partner about her/his fetishes and tell yours. Maybe you will find a way to perform them in one act. It may add some novelty into your relationship, and you will meet your emotional needs in some way.

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