Safety Rules for Using Gags During Sex

Safety Rules for Using Gags During Sex

BDSM couples often use gags to spice up their sex. Generally, gags are instruments or items that should prevent a person from speaking or screaming. However, a kinky gag does not usually silence a person very much. Some of them simply prevent the person wearing the gag from speaking clearly. Other gags can silence a person completely. 

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There are a lot of different types of BDSM gags, so it is not difficult to find the one that best suits your needs and desires. At the same time, it is important to remember about safety in any type of BDSM play.

Safety Rules for Using Gags During Sex

Although using even the safest gag gives the dominant a significant degree of power in an erotic setting, it also requires the Dom to pay additional attention to safety, as the submissive will not be able to clearly convey their discomfort if something goes wrong. 

The most important rule is to agree on a visual “safe word” before the beginning of the play. This can be any gesture that the submissive will be able to do easily. For instance, the submissive can make and release fists, tap the wall, or show any other sign that works for you. The second important rule is to check on the sub regularly. When a person’s breathing is restricted, panic can take over really quickly, and when a person is panicking, they may not always react or express themselves normally.

However, if you use all safety precautions, BDSM gags can add a lot of fun to your play sessions and prevent your neighbors from knowing what a great time you are having. If you’re still not sure what gag to purchase, here’s a quick overview of the most popular types of gags:

Ball and Bit Gags

Ball and bit gags are the most popular toys among all types of BDSM gags. These gags are not very effective at silencing the wearer, but they prevent the person from speaking clearly. Besides, they are considered to be the safest. They don’t fill the wearer’s mouth completely, and they allow constant airflow. Keep in mind that gags that feature small balls are the safest. At the same time, bit gags can cause damage to the submissive’s lips, so it is important not to combine them with rough play. Anoeses website offers a large selection of ball gags made from soft or hard leather. You can browse all the products on our website. 

Stuffing-Type Gags

Stuffing-type bondage gags are perfect for dominants who want to silence their subs. However, they require the Dom to pay extra attention because they can accidentally restrict the sub’s breathing. That’s why the Dominant should regularly check on the sub to make sure that he or she is comfortable and safe.

You can make simple DIY stuffing-type gags from underwear or other clothing, or you can buy inflatable gags produced specifically for kinky play. When stuffed inside the mouth, they prevent the sub’s tongue from moving around, so he or she cannot pronounce any words. Unlike almost all types of ball gags, stuffing gags can reduce the volume of the sub’s screams. In this case, using a visual safe word is extremely important. 

Tape Gags

If your goal is to silence the sub completely, consider using a tape gag. They prevent the sub’s lips from moving, allowing him or her to only make incoherent noises. Duct tape is a very popular material for DIY tape gags. However, it is not a good idea to use tape to make DIY gags, as the glue on the tape can significantly damage the sub’s skin. If you want to make a tape gag yourself, use bondage tape, masking tape, or medical bandages instead. Remember that tape restricts breathing, so you should always make sure that your sub’s nose is free for breathing. 

Open-Mouth Gags

In some kinky play sessions, the Dom’s main intention is to have complete access to the sub’s mouth instead of restricting his or her speech. In this case, open-mouth gags are a perfect choice. There are five types of these gags:

  • Tube gags
  • Ring gags
  • Spider gags
  • Jennings gags
  • Whitehead gags

None of them restrict the sub’s air intake or silence the sub completely. Instead, they prevent the wearer from speaking clearly. The main problem with these gags is that they can damage lips and gums. So it is important to learn how to use these accessories before trying them on a person. If you’re looking for a new gag, take a look at the Anoeses selection presented on our website. Our collection includes a number of gags in different colors made from soft and hard leather. 

Specialty Gags

All the bondage gags that don’t quite fit into any of the above mentioned categories go here. These include corset gags, muzzle gags, service gags, harness gags, and penis gags. These gags are suitable for couples with advanced experience of BDSM play. 


What can be used as a gag?

There are many different items that can be used as a gag, from scarves that can be tied around the partner’s mouth or stuffed into it to duct tape or masking tape. However, to ensure the safety of your partner, it is better to buy high-quality gags created specifically for BDSM sessions. 

What are gags used for? 

Depending on the type of gag, it can be used to silence the wearer completely or partially. Some gags are used to obtain complete access to the partner’s mouth. There are also some BDSM gags that serve specific aesthetic and practical purposes. 

Why do people wear gag balls?

Ball gags are often worn during BDSM roleplay. A combination of a gag and other bondage accessories can restrict the submissive’s ability to move or speak, which some people find very arousing.

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