Sexual experiments, you should repeat regularly

Sexual experiments, you should repeat regularly


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The concept of word "experiment" implies a method of researching something in certain conditions. This is a new experience and new knowledge. But what for we have to repeat the experiments in bed, if such experience has already been tried before?

Experiments must be

To maintain a wonderful trusting relationship with a partner, many experts advise to regularly refresh sexual relationships and implement some sexual novelties into them. Experts believe that previous untried feelings will help renew a long-forgotten passion, give to partner fresh erotic feeling about you. But let's be frank - regular(!) experiments in the modern world are almost unreal! How much specialized books should we read in order to surprise and keep our partner with novelties? And is it really necessary to make so much effort?

Long-term relationships will help you determine exactly what your loved one likes and what he/she dreams about. For example, he/she wanted to try a new position or love game, but did not dare to offer you this. Imagine what a delight experience he/she will feel if you agree to a novelty! Yes, and to strengthen your relationship it is so much useful. Sometimes you need to make a variety of sexual life. So the partner will feel your interest in him/her. 

Each experiment can and should be repeated. But which ones are most useful for relationships, read on.

Role-playing games

It is not enough to put on masquerade suit or medical gown just once and rely on the fact that the partner will be satisfied trying once and will calm down. He saw your readiness to play in bed, appreciated the skills and efforts made. So it is natural that he will want to repeat the previous experience.

It is advisable to change the entourage to make new sensations. Music, clothes, smell, your voice, hairstyle and behavior will pleasantly surprise your partner. Today you are a nurse, a month later, when you were alone at home, you are already a naughty student.

BDSM Elements

Some people are not ready to use bondage, strap-ons and other wonders of the sex shop. But if you determine the most acceptable positions, games and actions with your partner, BDSM can be very useful. 

Remember did you have passionate sex with your beloved, when he was completely immersed in you and allows himself to be rude, frantic and hard? If the answer is yes, you can feel free to invite him to bind you. It is not necessary to buy handcuffs for this. A belt or scarf can be useful, the main thing is to firmly tie your hands to the bed. As a rule, at such moments a man feels permissiveness. He can tease you, stroking your body, slowly come into you, bringing you to cry and tears from passionate desire.

If this is permissible for you, you can ask your loved one to slap you while he is in you. Or play "rape game". Try to escape, scratch his back, bite his ears, hands. The main thing - do not go beyond the boundaries of what is permitted in your pair.


Have you noticed how sometimes your man behaves lazily in bed? Sometimes it is from fatigue, sometimes from the desire to give you the opportunity to lead the process. 

Do not refuse such a chance. Saddle partner, bring to the frenzy of yourself and him. You can command your loved ones by telling him what to do. For example, being in the “top” position, order a man to lick your breasts (if you like it) or look into your eyes. Many couples claim that eye contact fills sex with sensuality and tenderness. Change positions, decide for yourself when to stop and what role will be assigned to the partner during this experiment. Do not forget that sex should bring pleasure to both of you, so do not flirt. You will feel when a man is on the verge. Give him the opportunity to passionately finish.

Spontaneous sex

You are going in the car or are alone in the restaurant’s toilet, going to the wood, decide to take a bathroom together - use all the possibilities to have a dizzying, fast and unforgettable sex. The pleasure and adrenaline you get are guaranteed.

How often the most successful places and chances to experiment the couple misses, because someone is afraid to surrender to the senses. Your loved one may not expect such adventurism from you or is afraid to offer you quick sex. Surprise him! Sex in unexpected, public places, at the wrong time, and, especially, with the risk of being discovered, always renews sexual relationships. It sounds strange, but it is precisely such experiments that men remember for a lifetime and are grateful to their beloved for this experience.

And the most important thing is communication. Only by engaging in dialogue, sharing our desires, fantasies, fears and interests with a partner, do we approach each other and our confidence grows. And in trusting relationship, it is not scary to try something new, to realize long-desired fantasies and acquire your common interests and experience.

Therefore, do not be afraid to want, to be curious, to feel free to live a new experience together and gladly repeat joint favorite scenarios and ways to diversify your sex.

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