An essay about Anoeses Showroom

An essay about Anoeses Showroom

"In fact, the showroom was smaller than I imagined, however,
it was more atmospheric than in the photos, as well as possible
inclining to discuss provocative topics that get imagination excited.
Isn't it the very reason to come here, to make fantasies come true?

Low lights were unobtrusively highlighting devices carefully hanged on the wall
at the same time gently hiding the eyes as if wrapping the face with a mask,
shutting the brain and shame off, encouraging something intimate, prohibited
and penetrating the secret depth of subconscious...
Twilight has always been the time for love, confession, and action
which you daren't do during the day.

Anoeses erotic showroom

Respect for the owners: I can't imagine the following conversation in usual brighter light.
- I'm Kat, - introduced herself to the owner with a nice smile. I was still worried and she understood it without forcing the issue.
- Coffee?
Yes, of course. Black, strong ristretto, spurring like that soft elastic riding crop behind my back. And something stronger: I'm not driving today...
Deliberately not driving... I was planning and adjusting everything to this long-awaited meeting. And here I am in the famous showroom!
My companion, my beautiful wife was a bit late, knowing about it, I didn't want
to waste time. 

We sat down in low deep armchairs, those one wants to leave only in case of extreme necessity and opened our Macbooks.

- Getting ready for a provocative photo session with alternate domination, - I got to the point without a preface. - The content on your website makes a very strong impression...
- Thank you! - Kat sincerely smiled, although I am definitely not the first person to tell her that. She is young and beautiful with understanding eyes and a businesslike smile. And one can easily recognize her in most photos and videos.
I understood it after I saw her in person.

- My husband shoots it...
Cool! Great! I was applauding in my mind: what can be better than a hobby which evolves into business and apparently, according to its volume and scope, it's becoming the business of life.
- Your approach is stylish, beautiful and rich, - Kat gratefully nodded and smiled again.
I went on.
- That's why we decided to ask for your help and professional advice for our upcoming project. We'd like to do it at the same high level. Or not to do it at all: concerning the questions of aesthetics we are uncompromising, - it was my turn to smile. It seemed as if the attributes on the wall sparkled meaning "we'll see, we’ll see..."

Briefly, without any details, I explained the plan, showed the setting which was chosen as the main location and finally showed photo sketches from which we chose the variants of clothes and accessories.
Kat was focused and laconic. It was obvious that there was a business sense behind her tenderness. Well, it was the reason why we came here, to get the professional's advice.
Although, to be honest, our couple is no longer a beginner in the fifty shades of grey issue...
- In my opinion, your image is complete. I don't want to spoil it going too far, - said Kat, carefully looking at the photo of a man wearing a black tight jumpsuit fitting his body with the black string and a mask with slits for eyes and mouth. - I recommend you to change the gag, - a silicone ball with straps wrapping the head and chin.
- I will ask our tailor if he can make the same using more expensive materials, - Kat spun the item which I gave her in her hands, - Could you leave it for a couple of days?
I nodded.
- It will be extremely difficult but we will try to do it without it sometime.
We both smiled.
- Is it your wife? - asked Kat pointing to the photo on my computer.
- Yes.

The girl didn't make any assessments.
I considered it to be very professional. Although, I'm sure my amazon made an excellent impression. She can't help making...
- Could you please recommend me some accessories. I'm afraid that without them my partner's vinyl jumpsuit will look rather dull on camera.
Kat looked carefully at the photos of our prior photoshoot.
- Our attributes will blend in with the vinyl, especially of black color.
You are definitely the best at what you are doing, at least in Ukraine!
I've been shooting for a long time. Why I couldn't see it myself?
- Nylon or beeflex jumpsuit will look better. It will be an excellent background for an attribute of any color, - Kat showed me several images from their website.
She was absolutely right.
- I guess "Urania" set is the best for your partner. It will highlight her height and long legs...- she stood up and showed me variants in two colors.
Meanwhile, a pretty girl came up to us with my wife. She was a bit tired,
unbalanced by daily routine and with her mental state completely inappropriate for
our comfortable and constructive communication.
I got it in a moment as well as Kat, I think.
So, we started working with the material we had: not very flexible and cautiously
glancing at us from the opposite sofa...

I asked Kat to give me leather handcuffs, came up to my wife and extended my hand to help her stand up. I took off her fur coat and hung it on the back of the couch. Looking into her eyes I lifted her wrists to my lips and kissed the inner, tender side. Without taking my eyes off her, I softly tightened black and golden straps on her wrists, sharply fixed my hands up at her back and slapped on the carbines. It was so fast she couldn't even react. Her big breast unwillingly moved forward, pleasantly pricking me with immediately excited nipples.

Yes, her body remembers the reaction to caresses which seem rude but lead to endless satisfaction. It reacts subconsciously despite the current mood. Speaking about mood, it got worse and my sweetheart suddenly was filled with indignation.
I realized that I had two options: to retreat awkwardly or go on decisively.
My life experience suggested the second one.

I looked at the multicolored roll of rope at the window sill meaningfully and turned my eyes to the showroom's owner who was neutrally watching the unexpected scene. She could show us the door but she was a professional so she nodded positively:
 - Take it.

So I put my left hand under my amazon's elbows and got them together. Then one by one I made a couple of wraps with my right hand. I wrapped her above and below the breast, highlighting two distinct curves, extended the rope through the crotch, lifted it to the navel and fixed it at the waist. Now every single movement gave my prisoner a pleasant tangible tension in the crotch. After many years of shibari practice, we both knew it.
I noticed that Kat was watching us carefully without interfering.
I took a silicone ball and came up to my love closely. She obstinately turned her head away and gave every appearance of saying a definite "no".
I rubbed her cheek with the end of my nose and blew into her ear, gently took her face into my hand and slightly pressed it under cheekbones.
She moaned and opened her mouth.

I put the silicone ball into her mouth, wrapped her face with straps and fixed the device reliably.
Placing my hands on her waist I lowered them and put around her buttocks. Chest to chest I slightly pushed my wife onto the couch, which was low enough to get out even for a not tied up person. I clenched my amazon's knees with my hips and tied her long muscular legs with one more roll of rope given to me by Katrin. I did it beautifully laying parallel wraps in the figure of eight. Every moment of the process gave me immense satisfaction.

Bending over I kissed my wife's red lips. She turned away protestingly. 

"It's a pity we don't have a vibrator", - she read in my eyes and shyly took her eyes off me.
I pinned all my hopes on the unconditioned responses formed deeply in the subconscious by long years of erotic practices.
I left my prisoner and gave her an opportunity to decide by herself: to get satisfaction in this unusual but quite acceptable as for the place situation or get offended and close herself...
However... in the end, the sensuality overcame the mind. The muscular memory of carefully and beautifully tied body reminded of immense pleasure she got in the same situations and quietly moaning my amazon started moving her hips more and more dynamically provoking pleasant feelings in the immediately soaked crotch.

We exchanged glances with Kat and sighed with relief: nobody wants conflicts and tensions.
We are for peace and love in the world...)
The owner of the showroom shook her head meaningfully: both women appreciated my risky actions, - each one in her own way.
- What a beautiful tying! - said Kartin.
- We always give it much importance in our games, we have a good imagination, - I responded.
I sat down next to my wife and hugged her shoulders. Tactile contact always speeded up her journey into the world of prurient insanity. Surely I was ready to be by her side at that moment.
- So, we've chosen "Urania" set... - I got back to our conversation and Kat immediately got focused.
As I've already repeated, she is a professional...
Well, frankly speaking, our meeting ended up differently. I haven't risked shocking the owners of the showroom. Although... I'm sure these walls have witnessed even more exciting scenes.

This is what the atmosphere of this place provokes.
Maybe next time?....
Life is very unexpected.
We agreed to get in touch when Kate confirmed the details of our order including exclusive attributes made according to our own templates. I hope before the shooting, to which we are preparing at the gym and in the kitchen, we will own a unique set of devices.
All I can say about them is cool, stylish, beautiful!
These are my impressions of the "" showroom.
As I came up with the idea so spontaneously, that very night I made my erotic plan come true.
We had everything we needed, even more. We weren't in a hurry, we were doing everything beautifully and sensually making pauses for wine and cheese...
It's hard to surprise Kyiv, but I'm sure that night the city was peeping through the curtain in our hardly lit bedroom shaking its head and repeating three well- known words:
- Cool! Stylish! Beautiful!
We weren't interested in less...
At breakfast my beloved wife was smiling with her eyes slightly opened because of
sweet sleep deprivation:
- Listen, they are so cool!
- Who!
Frankly speaking, I knew who she was talking about but I intentionally pretended not to.
- These guys from the website!
- Yes, they are, - I said.
- It's a pity we didn't have a shooting when they invited us...

I've already got used to her late emotional sparkles, so I was just having black coffee and smiling.
Then I got my laptop and drafted this text to share my emotions.

Why not?.."


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