Our story

Anoeses is a Ukrainian brand inspired by eroticism that was founded in 2018.

Eroticism — is the aesthetic of sexual desire. This term covers everything that surrounds sex: touch, smell, move, sound, and word. It is sexuality that is enlightened by human imagination.

Anoeses fulfill erotic desires, satisfy curiosity and awake sensuality.

Anoeses takes its start from the relationship of Kostya and Katya Savvopulo. Their growth as a couple shows the power of interdependency, secure attachment style, and co-creation, which reflects in the rise of the brand. 

The brand name has derived from the psychological term —anoesis. It's the feeling when our brain can receive pure impressions or sensations without cognitive context. We played a little and changed the letter 'i' for 'e'.


Our mission is to give people a motive for erotic exploration of themselves. We pursue it by creating a safe zone for all genders, bodies, ages, and sexualities to feel free and loved.


Diversity, Honesty, Premium quality, Aesthetic, and Closeness to the client are plateaux on which we base our work. These are our fuel, motivation, and the answer to why we do what we do.

Educational project

To highlight the importance of healthy sexuality, we develop an Educational Platform and share information about sex, erotica, and BDSM on our social media pageThe purpose of our Educational Platform goes hand in hand with our values, and it is an inseparable part of what we are doing.

Social responsibility

Our world is a system where we influence one another, and we are genuinely interested in the Anoeses' impact. That's why we strive to be transparent about our manufacturing processes and communications.

We value high quality

  • Anoeses leather undergoes periodic verification of compliance with the product regulations by I.CE.C – Institute of Quality Certification for the Leather Sector. Our products will serve and bring you pleasure for decades. By purchasing Anoeses, you invest in well-made and lasting clothes, which is a fundamental slow fashion principle.
  • We have an option of a vegan leather, which brings the same sensual joy as natural leather.
  • We use latex that is collected from local rubber plantations in Malaysia. It is a 100% renewable resource. No toxic chemicals are used in the production. Read more here.

We appreciate handcrafting 

Our items are made-to-order. The inclusive approach and manual work reveal the sensual characteristics of the material. This way, we go along with the principles of conscious consumption. Read more here.

We value equality and love differences

Anoeses approaches its content production with diversity principles in image and artistic collaboration with people of different body shapes, genders, nationalities, etc. We constantly build and maintain safe space for every person, normalizing LGBTQIA+ content.

We support Ukraine

Anoeses supports Ukrainian army during the ongoing war by sending regular donations to a range of funds. We want our beautiful country to be strong and bloom.

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