What should you know about CNC kink?

What should you know about CNC kink?

Consensual Non-Consent (CNC) is a form of BDSM that can involve roleplay, where both parties are aware that the activity only looks like non-consent. It’s important to understand that CNC is not actual rape or assault – it’s consensual and works with clear communication.

For some people, engaging in CNC can be liberating and empowering as it allows them to work through traumatic events such as past abuse. For others, this kind of BDSM play—while still consensual—can bring up feelings of fear or vulnerability. It is for this reason that before engaging in any type of consensual non-consent kink, partners should always discuss things such as:

Safe words

A safe word (or phrase) is when one partner uses a certain phrase to immediately stop the scene if they feel uncomfortable or unsafe at any point during the encounter. This can be especially helpful in CNC scenarios, as it allows both partners to express their desires without having to worry about crossing any boundaries.


Contracts are agreements between partners that lay out what activities will be engaged in and any limits or boundaries that must be observed. This helps provide an even more secure environment for both parties to explore their desires safely and consensually.


Subdrop is a term used to describe the emotional state experienced by submissives after a BDSM session has ended. Some common symptoms include depression, anxiety or feeling emotionally detached from the world around them. It’s important for those engaging in CNC kink to know how to recognize these signs and how best to care for their partner through this time period.


Aftercare refers to the process used by partners after BDSM play has concluded and can serve as a way of reconnecting with each other on an emotional level after being apart during the scene. This can involve cuddling, talking, sharing food or simply enjoying each other’s company until both parties feel recharged and ready for their next big adventure!

In conclusion, while CNC kink may look edgy on the outside, its true nature requires an intense level of trust between two partners who understand exactly how far they want to go – no further than their predetermined boundaries allow them too! With clear communication and thoughtful consideration of all elements mentioned above – including safe words, contracts, subdrop and aftercare—partners will have increased safety measures in place for whatever exciting adventures await them!

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