I want it all

I want it all

Bondage collection guide by Anoeses

Collecting is one of the oldest hobbies of humanity: each of us ever somehow collected something.

Karl Abraham - psychoanalyst, Sigmund Freud’s student said: «The passion of collecting is often a direct substitute for sexual attraction. In this case, subtle symbolism is often hidden behind the selection of gathering objects.»

This passion for collecting begins in childhood, passes through the adolescent and the phase of the formation of sexual attraction, and each has its own function: serves as a way to attract attention, reflects a passion for ordering, or is a way to escape from reality ..

At the same time, from the point of view of psychology, some people are fascinated by the process, and for some, the pleasure comes only from the result when the collection is fully assembled.

In adulthood, among the motives that drive collectors, there is often cognitive interest, the joy of discovery, the desire for creative activity and self-realization, the pleasure of contemplating aesthetics, the feeling of happiness caused by spiritual enrichment and self-knowledge.

For beginners or for a long time practicing collectors of erotic attributes and leather, we produce collections of bondage attributes and accessories. Collections are divided into sets:



(collar, leash, bracelets with double fixation, another double fixation)

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The handcuffs with a double fixation - in case you want to start your game with them - this is the best way to start, to get used to the new roles and move on to more intense scenes.

The collar is a symbol of ownership and control, the main emblem of submission. Dominants almost never wear collars, while submissives often walk in them. In games of power it can be used with a leash, and for bondage to combine with handcuffs and double fixation with carbines. In this case, the collar is a unisex accessory just with bondage elements and can be worn as a separate accessory.



(handcuffs with double fixation, thigh cuffs, X-fixation).

The thigh cuffs are an accessory for leg decoration. Thigh cuffs, matched correctly in shape, can visually lengthen the legs. On the belts there are D-rings - a small detail, without which it is difficult to fix the partner as it should be. This detail exactly determines the erotic nature of the product. Thanks to it and the carbine on the leather fixation strap, the partner's restraining becomes much easier and more diverse.

The fixations - this is the second thing that is needed to you for bondage. In erotic experiments, a variety of experiments is important, because only this way, when trying, you can understand that pleasures and boundaries are your own and your partner.

There are various fixations in all bondage collections: double (this is a strap with strong carabiners at the edges - the main pressure rests on them during the session), triple (three short straps with carbines on one side, worn on the ring) and quadruple ( four short belts with carbines on one side, worn on the ring; externally, the latch resembles the letter “X”).

The X-fixation is attached to the handcuffs and the thigh cuffs, crossing both buttocks diagonally. The mobility of the arms and legs in this kind of fixation is little, so before you begin, talk with your partner about all the important exciting and unacceptable actions, stop words, your rules.

Full set


(collar, leash, bracers, chains, hip straps, bondage belt, in some collections - suspenders)

The belt for bondage resembles a corset, and is intended for fixing the back and movements of your partner. Handcuffs and other erotic accessory can be attached to it using fixations with carbines to the D-rings. The belt can be worn as an elegant accessory over clothing.

Casual Set with suspenders

leather bondage

(belt, hip belts, suspenders)

The set, which at first glance looks innocent, is fraught with secrets. If you detach the suspenders from the thigh cuffs and connect to each other behind your partner’s back. Then you can come up with a new game of power and play it. The set can be worn over clothing.

The most popular among fans of the brand X-set with a quadruple fixation is ​​breaking all records. Which is not surprising at all. After all, the eroticism, which radiates a person who has put on this set, is only enhanced by the aesthetic appearance of leather products on a body excited by passion.

And the more these details of the kit are involved in the voluptuous process, the stronger the attraction: you have to choose among the options for sexual partner fixation. It excites the imagination, completely disconnects from everyday life scenarios and includes an absolutely amazing and unforgettable game. It is created by you - from the rules and roles to the final sensations.

The most important thing is to enjoy the process and remember about security.

We diligently develop each collection so that in our accessories you feel damn sexy and free.

To discover more about Anoeses, sexualities, BDSM and connect with our community, follow @anoeses.education.

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