Types of pain

Types of pain

What is the most common fear people have when it comes to BDSM? It's the concepts of sadism, masochism, and pain because it's easier to confuse them with abuse. But if you know that EVERYTHING in BDSM happens on an agreement, then the very concept of abuse ceases to make sense.

Alright, let us seduce you with the two types of pain that live in our kinky Narnia.


It's the surface pain. It often brings burning sensations and leaves redness on the skin. The impact is quick by nature. You can use your hands, a whip, or a tip of a flogger to cause it.


It's a pain that you can feel in the muscles. It may remind a deep tissue massage. This impact play takes more time to perform. You can use paddles, floggers, and hands.

According to our observations, people with curvier bodies prefer thuddy pain, and stinging is more suitable for smaller. BUT, it's only the tendency, we have noticed. You are allowed to like whatever you like and make your own decisions.

In the end, we would like to give a friendly reminder. Types of pain that you like don't determine you as a bad or a good submissive or masochist. We all are different. If you understand that, you can avoid misconceptions about yourself. BDSM is all about enjoyment, communication, trust, and love. Pleasure and sexuality don't like comparison and competition. If you do so, you close yourself from your unique experience.

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