How self-love improves your sex life?

How self-love improves your sex life?

You should start to love and appreciate your body from the moment you've read this sentence. We know it sounds too simple, and the transformation of self-acceptance takes time. But we insist you make the decision to love yourself now by saying I'm one of a kind. Because you really are!

Self-love has a lot of ways to manifest. It may change your perspective of the world, how you show yourself, what position in different relationships you have, and, of course, sex-life. About the last one, we would like to talk a little more. But before we want to send thanks to gorgeous girl Alyona for taking part in this photoshoot. She rocked our set Urania and bodysuit Dextra

Self-love is like a battery of a clock. When you put it there, the whole mechanism starts to work. Every little part is engaged in a process. And you can't deny that sex is a valuable part of it. So, how this battery influences you as a sexual being?

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I'm okay with being naked.

Probably, the most essential for sexual intimacy is to be brave enough to show your body without filters to your partner. But before that stands a great work of self-acceptance. Start slow. You can walk around the house naked and ask yourself, what do I feel right now? Don't be afraid to have a little dialog with your inner voice. You're not a psycho, you want to understand yourself better.

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I'm not only my boobs and butt.

Certainly, breasts and buttocks are tasty parts of our bodies. But it's not true that they are the ONLY desirable parts. We were convinced to see it that way. But let's not blame society and start doing something about that. You can stand in front of a mirror and start worshipping your belly, thighs, folds near the armpit. By worshipping, we really mean worshipping. Find the words that will affect your consciousness. Also, you can ask your partner, what is the sexiest part of your body? His/her answer may surprise you.

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I allow my body to enjoy sex.

Loving yourself actually makes you a better lover. Because now you are not afraid to be under a bad light. The only thing that matters now is you and how to get great pleasure. This wakes an inflaming desire to experiment. From now on, your body is a source of incredible sensations. When you stop talking or thinking negatively about your body parts, your partner touches them. Before, you were expressing a lack of confidence about your thighs, for example, so your lover never touched them. He/she thought that it'll make you feel uncomfortable.

In conclusion, we would like to add one more time, you are unique! Never forget about it. Also, we are very proud of a community that surrounds the Anoeses brand. We are grateful for every person who shares our belief in diversity. And our aim is to make everyone feel sexy and desirable.

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