Anoeses Collars

Anoeses Collars

Wearing a collar signifies ownership that is a part of a power exchange dynamic in the BDSM community. Whether it be a master & slave, dominant & submissive relationships, or other combinations like in age play or pet play, collars have an important role. Also, they help you to get into the mind space of being a submissive.

The beauty of this accessory comes with a unique symbolism that a couple can create. Or even if you're not in a relationship with anyone, but you want to have a collar, you can give a personal meaning to it. For example, the collar can mean that you own yourself.

What types of collars do Anoeses produce?

anoeses leather collar from the restraint set
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1. Collars that are part of a restraint set or leather lingerie set.

As they are part of the set, they play the most functional role comparing to other types. They can be included in fixations to restrain your partner or complete the look that Anoeses designers created. But you can order these collars as separate items.

anoeses leather chokers

2. Casual collars and chokers that you can include in your lifestyle.

You do not need to be a crazy fan of BDSM to like accessories with kinky details. We believe that leather is empowering. And we use this material to create art in our products that can ignite your outfits.

anoeses collar

3. Collars that we have created as an independent kinky accessory.

 This type of collars doesn't belong either to the part of the set or to our casual collection. Of course, they, like any other accessory, can be functional. You can attach leashes, for example. They look more brutal and aggressive. For some people, it can take courage to wear such collars with casual outfits.

anoeses leather collar for men with rivets


4. Collars from men's collection.

These accessories are called to signify man's submissiveness but do not underestimate his importance in power exchange relationships. Anoeses collars emphasize masculinity, and each has its own leitmotif: brutality, playfulness, or danger.

As we told you before, collars are symbolical accessories. And beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so you can give a collar your unique meaning. If you want to tell about the significance that it holds, we can engrave it. This option you can add to your cart at ANOESES.COM.


Stay sexy as hell!

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