Welcome to Anoeses!

Anoeses is a Ukrainian brand inspired by eroticism that was founded in 2018.

Our mission is to give people a motive for erotic exploration of themselves. We pursue it by creating a safe zone for all genders, bodies, ages, and sexualities to feel free and loved.

Symbiosis of erotica and style

We find it fascinating how sexuality can be shaped into something you can put on yourself to explore the senses. At our store, you can find unique garments that will allow you to feel even more desirable and authentic.

Not so casual casual

Obviously, in recent years people have changed the paradigm of going out. We want to enter a party putting our self-expression first to manifest our style choices. It's a way to provoke, get attention, and memorize every significant moment.

Anoeses offers a wide range of premium quality products with designs that are on the edge of fetish and casual. If you are looking for an outfit for your next party, start discovering our casual section. Elegant and beautifully shaped corsets, minimalistic chokers, stiff and accent belts, small bags, and masks with a pinch of mystery and allure. 

Mostly, we use full-grain leather to produce our accessories. This material ensures many years of wearing and it is easy to store and take care of it. If you want to know how to maintain a perfect look of your leather garments, discover our guide on this topic.

Closer to your skin - closer to your sense of self

Not only we produce leather items, but also textile and latex ones. Mesh and biflex bodysuits have appeared in pairs with our BDSM restraint sets. But soon, we understood that raising demand can cause way more intriguing designs, so we started creating an independent collection of bodysuits.

If you want to go out in something elegant and saucy, then Anoeses bodysuits will meet your expectations! The collection includes unbelievably neat designs of dresses, bodysuits, and lingerie sets. All of them describe the idea of the perfection of a human silhouette.

Skin-tight and glossy latex in a fetish world is associated with transformative material that can influence your identity. Garments cling to your body and make ‘free’ moves not so free. But hey, it’s for the spirit and sake of the vision of sexual liberation!

We offer basic and still kinky bras and panties for those who are getting acquainted with latex. These sets are easy to put on and use in your everyday life. If you want to seduce yourself with latex garments that cover large body parts like legs and torso, then discover our latex collection filled with leggings, bodysuits, tops, dresses etc.

Latex is a pretty fastidious material. Watch this video to learn how to store and take care of it.

Fulfill your BDSM fantasy

Sexuality is inseparable from personality. It fascinates, brings pleasure, and defines us. When people investigate their unique sexuality, they become more confident and aware of who they are.

BDSM and kink are about sexual power and exploration of your turns-on. The latest research by Kinsey Institute says that 12% of females and 22% of males experience sexual arousal in response to BDSM. Many of them reported having BDSM experience. So maybe it is time for society to stop demonizing kink and start enriching sex life with new activities?

If you just begin to sexeriment, try sensual deprivation. At Anoeses store, you will find blindfolds and gags that will help you immerse into new erotic experiences. Then you can take a step further to increase your power exchange dynamics and explore bondage. Take things slow and look at Anoeses harnesses. Also, we recommend you to read this blog on how to restrain your partner with this erotic accessory.

A complete immersion into BDSM experience

Anoeses has become famous because we demonstrated that BDSM can be aesthetic too. Our restraint sets are very different from those you can find on the market. First, they are all unique, and we use only high-quality materials to produce them. Second, we value their functionality, so your power exchange games are professionally equipped.

Depending on your answers to the following questions, you can choose Anoeses restraint sets sewn from hard and soft leather.

  • How do I want to feel in it? More restricted or more comfortable?
  • What colors will make me feel sexy as hell?
  • Do I want to start a collection of leather accessories or buy a full-restraint set at a time?

What is hard leather?

Full-grain or hard leather is famous for its high durability. Also, we use that specific type that is almost without imperfections on the surface. It is considered rare and is highly prized in the leather goods world.

Hard leather is strong and stiff. That is why, when you wear accessories s from this material, they will feel weighty and rich on your body.

Anoeses hard leather sets: MAYLA, UNO, URANIA.

What is soft leather?

It is the second type of leather we use, and it is also called corrected grain leather. This material goes through a buffing process, therefore flawed. The surface is smooth and soft. Also, products from corrected grain leather are lighter and feel creamy on the body.

Our soft leather color palette deserves special attention. You may notice that accessories from this material have a wider choice of colors.

Anoeses soft leather sets: AURA, NELLIE.

Also, all restraint sets have the same functionality because they consist of identical items. And if you want to learn how to use them for the sake of the highest pleasure, please read our manual, where we have collected more than 60 fixations of different complexity.

If you have any questions, please read our FAQ page. Don’t hesitate to contact us here if there are still some left. 

Stay sexy as hell!

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